Tenga Flip Hole

Higher class product of Tenga: and I’m tired. :s Just take a look at these commercials for the Flip Lite series. Get it ? open […] Read More

Tenga Egg

Just wanna a really compact one, to carry around ? No problem, Tenga got disposable holes for this: the Egg series ! And there are […] Read More

Tenga 3D · Zen

Hi, how everybody’s doing zen ? 🙂 As announced in the Tenga Cups review, this new one is about the first reusable toys by Tenga: […] Read More

Tenga Cups

A quick word about Tenga: It’s one of the fastest growing company in the sex toy industry. About 13 000 units are sold in Japan […] Read More

Tenga Air Cushion

Yes, there are like “air cushions” in it. They provide a very nice tight sensation, better that one obtained with elastic material. The internal structure […] Read More

Tenga Soft Tube

This one enables you to “squeeze” the walls to variate stimulation. The internal structure doesn’t differ much from the Deepthroat’s except it has a “ribs-passage” […] Read More

Tenga Deepthroat

It’s particularity is the “suction hole”: put your finger on it while inserted to create a nice vacuum. The internal structure consists of ripples, tightening-pass, […] Read More