Fuwatoro Sheep

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole called “Fuwatoro Sheep“, made by PPP! I got this onahole from the PPP Happy Box, and here is the review. I’m not sure if the “official english name” would be […] Read More

Nekomimi Maonyan

Konnichiwa, kouhais! I am The Otaku Apologist, The Hentai Hustler, the cum-obsessed writer-entrepreneur running otakusexart.tumblr.com. My market research has shown that cat girls are pop. Ergo, hereΒ΄s my review of Nekomimi Maonyan, a cat girl onahole! PACKAGING The package is […] Read More

Ona Beat 2nd Gig

Today, something special. One of my very first onahole, but I never blogged about it. Until now. Usually, I don’t look in the past. The present and the future are already enough to handle, and there’s stuff I just don’t […] Read More

Trick Girl

Soon, there will be shonens and shojos knocking at your door, saying “trick or treat !”. Goddamn I wish I could review a certain witch onahole instead… Γ€ propos tricking: this is Trick Girl. You decided. But it’s not your […] Read More

Give me your milk!

A fellatio-onahole by RENDS. Let’s take a look at that. Notice the shape of the package: 5 sides instead of 6. Pretty unique. And..Β  Shimapan spotted ! “Kitty” is hungry and wants some “milk”. I do approve the illustration, pink-haired […] Read More

GuchoMon Pocket

The GuchoMon Pocket series, from Magic Eyes. On the left: “Eight”. On the right: “Omega”. I got the latter. Okay, it fits in the pocket. This onahole is pretty small and tiny with its 12 cm. Let’s look inside. Interesting […] Read More