Squishy Sisters

Today is finaly the time for a new lolicious review of a very unique and special onahip designed by RENDS JAPAN. You’ve probably already heard […] Read More

Rends Ona Apron

At first I didn’t have any clue about what this item was… and then I flipped the package and saw this ~   Mmmh, Ok now […] Read More

VORZE A10 Cyclone SA

Oh man. RENDS. It’s made by RENDS. If you ever cross someone saying that “Japan isn’t the most advanced country in this world”, you’ll have […] Read More

Golden Lotion

The best onahole is worth nothing without a matching lube. And when it comes to lube, I think I found my new favourite: Golden Lotion, […] Read More

New USB Onaho Warmer

It’s winter, it’s freezing cold. But even in summer, this is a must-have ! RENDS previously released the , which got very popular (since being one […] Read More

A10 Cyclone

EDIT nov. 18, 2014: here comes , make sure to check it out ! Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you this new technology […] Read More


And here’s a bottle of lube, from Rends 🙂 That is pretty much your standard lube, like . Odorless and tasteless, medium stickiness and just fine […] Read More