Sex Machines

KYO Piston ~ AkaiHebi

Greetings, and welcome to AkaiHebi’s review of the KYO Piston, a penis-stroking machine made by MotsuToys! Make sure to also read AnonymousD’s review of this sextoy, he also got quite a lot to say about it! And since he added many detailed pictures already, I’ll keep it summarized here. Motsutoys. Among the few major European…

Sex Machines

KYO Piston ~ AnonD

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD! Presenting you a new sex toy review, KYO Piston! Made by MotsuToys! Yes, the famous european shop for onaholes, MotsuToys, made this sex machine! This is my first time trying a sex machine, and I was very excited in reviewing this product. After so many years fapping with onaholes (since…


Blue Frame – Uminari

Ahoy ye wharf rats! For once, let’s review something totally different. Introducing the Uminari, a 1:350 model ship from the Blue Frame series, made by Yawaraka Sozai. Let’s embark and have a cruiser battle at high sea! Packaging Oh. My. Gosh. You know, lastly the onahole industry did little to blow our minds (we’re still…


Calcium The Hole

Deino + Tamatoys = this. P-Please sit tight. Details follow. We at Onahole Review love to crush the boundaries, shooting them with nuclear warheads and salmon cannons, fucking this shit world over for the fun of it, basically teabagging social correctness while shooting lasers from our nipples and shouting “yeehaw” as we pour non-diet coke…


Pero x 2 Onaho 3rd

Hey guys, introducing another PPP creation: Pero x2 onaho 3rd ! Oh okay NLS made a little mistake in the name, putting “x3” instead of “x2”. This is a kinda cryptic name indeed. Oh well. Packaging ! As you may already know, PPP makes onaholes in collaboration with eroge studios, so players can dive a…

Banned in Russia

Puni Ana DX hard

Finally ! 100 onahole reviews in two and half years later: Puni Ana DX hard is my first “onahip” ! Thank you NLS for this new year’s extra 🙂 I took me lots of time to review this one, since I never had a large onahole / onahip before, and.. my current living circumstances didn’t…


Twins Panic

Selected by you and sent by NLS, here is PPP’s Twins Panic onahole ! Ooooh damn. When I saw it hitting the market, I was like: Yeah no, my nose didn’t bleed but I felt a sudden blood rush at my crotch and I had some trouble putting my jaws back in place. PPP was…

Sex Machines

VORZE A10 Cyclone SA

Oh man. RENDS. It’s made by RENDS. If you ever cross someone saying that “Japan isn’t the most advanced country in this world”, you’ll have to inflict them a slap across the face, or worse. Look at what they did to polish your dolphin increase masturbation pleasure. The guys at RENDS, they try. They experiment….


Secret Twin Tales 2

After the popular , Tokyo Libido aka N.P.G had to come back with new twins. Pink haired ? I’m okay with this. As expected, the packaging is quite impressive: storage bag (cheap plastic, again) lube bottle with “pipe” (that one is great) powder bottle a pantsu a lewd poster and (uninteresting) gift card The joyful is…