Fuwatoro Mochi

Please gather ’round, together we shall take a look at Fuwatoro Mochi, made by PPP! Amazingly it’s been over a year since we last reviewed a PPP product. Sure it’s not the most popular brand out there, but their stuff remain quite noteworthy -and they’re currently quite in the Magic Face boom, iteration after iteration,…


Magic Face 2

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time ! Today I’m back after a long break with a product that was send to me quite a long time ago now from the staff of Motsu Toys ! As you can see on the displayed picture, this time we’ll be talking about a very large and sophisticated…


Taimanin Rinko Onahole

Hey guys, I’m Johnny_D, a new contributor author from Asia with member’s of slightly above average size. If you are Asian looking for relevant review, I’m your guy. Anyway, my English and photo-snapping skill (I have a quite old smartphone) are a bit sub-par so I hope you all can bear with me. Without further…


Magic Face

Hello all once again, I’m WavyTurtle and I’m back after some time with another review. I’d tell you all the story, but it’s already on another blog, so I suggest you look there. I won’t bring it up here. Before I get off topic again, here is an onahole that comes to us from the…


Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000

Today is very special since I’ll introduce you one of the doggystyle-onahip I’ve been the most curious about since quite a long time now. Made by PPP and provided to me by the kind staff of MotsuToys, this product surprised me in many ways and is now indisputably one of my most favorite hip of…


Fuwatoro Sheep

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole called “Fuwatoro Sheep“, made by PPP! I got this onahole from the PPP Happy Box, and here is the review. I’m not sure if the “official english name” would be “Fluffy Sheep” as written at NLS, or “Soft Sheep”, or “Fuwatoro Sheep”, but since other…


Pero x 2 Onaho 3rd

Hey guys, introducing another PPP creation: Pero x2 onaho 3rd ! Oh okay NLS made a little mistake in the name, putting “x3” instead of “x2”. This is a kinda cryptic name indeed. Oh well. Packaging ! As you may already know, PPP makes onaholes in collaboration with eroge studios, so players can dive a…


Twins Panic

Selected by you and sent by NLS, here is PPP’s Twins Panic onahole ! Ooooh damn. When I saw it hitting the market, I was like: Yeah no, my nose didn’t bleed but I felt a sudden blood rush at my crotch and I had some trouble putting my jaws back in place 😯 ….

Banned in Russia

My big brother is pervert

Big brother aka onii-chan is a pervert ! I was quite excited when receiving this onahole, because it’s my very first PΓ—PΓ—P onahole. PPP, that’s yet another child company of Outvision (Hokuto Corporation), promising solid quality at affordable price. PPP is also jumping head-first in quite wacky stuff, like the “Vacuum Master” onahole (with an…