Breast Melon

Touching, groping, kneading, .. and of course paizuri (tit job). so…  Love Cloud. This and that But also this (which isn’t very relevant, Rikka has still like a B-cup) Not many oppai choice on NLS, it was “Breast Melon” or “Imouto Oppai 2.5D”. I picked the cheapest one, which actually also allows paizuri. And I…

Piston magic
Blowup & Dolls

Piston magic

Nah, that’s not a hug pillow. Let’s call it an “experience enhancer”. So that you see what’s the point: (the photo studio of NLS, common serious everyday business πŸ˜€ ) Take this; unfold place favorite onahole in tunnel blow up with pump; profit. Mostly effective when you don’t have porn to watch: you see something…


Tsun Ero

Just because it depicts an anime character doesn’t mean it’s a great product. Today’s proof: Tsun Ero. Basically it’s an onahole that matches to this flog pillow (or “frog pillow”, according to NLS): Just focus on the onahole. Oh yeah you recognize her, it’s Hiiragi Kagami, from Lucky Star. Ok now, how do describe.. NLS…