Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo

Today we will be looking at a new product provided for review by the awesome guys of MotsuToy’s ! And there it is, the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo !  I’m really thankfull to them for having sent one to me because the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco (regular version) has been my favorite onahole ever since I started using some. It’s just my #1 onahole of ALL FREAKING TIME !

Now, is this one even better than the previous version ? Does it worth it ? Let’s find out !



“O…Onii-chan… will you marry me ?”


The Sujiman Kupa series of Magic Eye’s… I bet all of you guys have already heard of those famous onaholes such as Sujiman Kupa RoaSujiman Kupa RinaSujiman Kupa Big RinaSujiman Kupa Roa ~ Hard EditionSujiman Kupa Cocolo or Sujiman Kupa Lolinco.

Today we will take a look at the new “bigger” version of Lolinco. But before going to the unboxing itself, let’s check out some official pics from Magic Eye’s to have a better idea of the product.


All in all, the inside structure is the same as for the previous version. We still have that same looking entrance which looks beautifull with those cute puffy pussy lips and pinkish insides ! Definitely how I’m expecting a loli pussy to look like (โ€ขฬ€แด—โ€ขฬ)เตฌเผ‰

After that, the curve is going down following by a sort of “womb” or “vacuum chamber”. Concerning the size itself, the onahole weight a good 900G which is very heavy for a “one-handed” masturbator. 20cm from top to bottom, 11cm in width, the pussy is approximatly 14cm deep with a girth of 3mm.

That’s pretty much it, let’s carry on with some pictures of the product itself ~


The box looks the same as the previous version, it’s just biggerInteresting side to side comparison with the regular LolincoThe art at the back is awesome with lots of informations, text and detailed pictures of the structure


As you can see, the artwork of the box doesn’t change from the previous one. All in all, it’s the same but bigger. Personnaly I’ve always liked the packaging of Magic Eye’s so I’m fine with it !

I forgot to mention but there is an original detail about the cover, and that is…


A WEDDING CONTRACT ? For whom ? For when ? With that cute girl on the cover ? WHERE DO I SIGN ? I WANNA SIGN, LEMME SIGN !

So yeah once you flip the cover you’ll find this funny wedding contract halfy completed by the girl you’re going to get married with (in Japanese of course). For the fun, I did write my personnal infos and consent for the other half ^^

*Ahhh… if only getting married with an anime girl was possible in 3D… so depressing…*

To the right, Magic Eye’s created a real display case in order for you to enjoy the view on that cute piece of loli flesh :3

You can of course take it out like this or through the opening at the top, it’s up to your own preferences.


Now this is how the stuff looks like once you open it up for the very first time. It seem’s Magic Eye’s added a sort of cardboard stand to hold the onahole properly and by this, avoiding any marks or damages during the transport. Smart idea here (โ€ขฬ€แด—โ€ขฬ)เตฌเผ‰


As usual the same stick of lube is included, good for 1 or 2 times only… the amount is ridiculus and the quality kinda sucks, way to sticky and gets dry in a few minutes seconds ! No need to say that for an onahole of this size, I rather recommend using Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion which is by far the best lube I’ve ever used with my onaholes, it’s just perfect and last for a loooooong time !

Will Magic Eye’s ever be agreed to add a small bottle of lube like P.P.P or OutVision are used to do ? I’d love to, because those shitty stick of lube are truly useless and stupid… please make an effort here, Magic Eye’s.


Now this is how the onahole looks like right out of the box. As always, delivered in one of those transparent plastic bag, I don’t recall having a lot of sticky marks on it though. However like most of the product from Magic Eye’s, there is a faint and recurrent factory smell. Personnaly, I don’t really mind since it always tends to fades away after a few washes.


Lemme get this right: I have no idea how they designed and molded it, but man it really looks gorgeous !

This bigger version is definitely aimed for the perverted lolicon out there like myself, since it’s litteraly a miniature loli’s body. Her tiny developping tits are freaking adorable, I love playing with them when I’m using it since it’s an appropriate stimulus to enhance my perverted fantasies (๏ฝกโ™ฅโ€ฟโ™ฅ๏ฝก)

Her cute and childish belly button is also outsdandingly well sculpted. Plus, her skin is sooooo smooth ! It’s just awesome, once powdered it litteraly looks like doll skin ! Then if we keep sliding down her body, we will soon reach the most important part of the onahole, the main reason why you fellow otaku broke your bank for !

And this is… THE PUSSY ! Let’s take a look ~

  • CAPTAIN ! We got a lolicious pussy on sight ! What should we do ? Get around by the left ? Or the right ?
  •  WHAT ? U-uuh… uuuh, pe.. uhmm… pen….
  • CAPTAIN YOUR ORDER ! What should we do ?
  • Pen-…. ! Uuhh… SAILORS ! Keep going straight ahead and prepare yourself, we got a lolicious pussy to penetrate !


As you can see, the pussy looks truly delicious ! However I guess you did notice this sorta double lawyer-thing with this tiny hole right behind the labia ? Just to make it clear, it tore apart on the big Lolinco as well as the normal version. I don’t really know what it’s supposed to depict, maybe the feeling of defloration that you could only find to a virgin pussy ? I don’t really know.

Anyway it sure gives a tight and awesome feeling during penetration, but I’m unsure if the material used is really approriate. I mean, any erected dick would stretch it to its limit until it break so… think about it, Magic Eye’s.

Also, the stamp truly pisses me off… seriously, this onahole is so beautifull so why adding this ugly thing at the back ? I know which brand it is, no need to remind me that each and every time I masturbate god dammit ! (โ—ฃ_โ—ข)


Size comparison with the normal Lolinco, it’s still a lot bigger and heavier !

Now let’s talk about an other important thing, THE SENSATIONS !

Does it actually change a lot from the normal one ?

Mmmh, not that much to be honest. It still feels incredibly good, but the big avantage of this version is its size. First of all, the lenght of the inner tunnel is more than enough for every size. If it’s not, then you’re probably super-dick man and I wish you good luck to find a japanese onahole that will fits you.


This is what happened with my former Lolinco, the tunnel was too short for me, so it broke…

As with most of Magic Eye’s product, the sensation are mind-blowing. It’s tight, deep, and you can even feel a small vacuum due to that small uterus chamber at the end. The inner tunnel is rather firm thanks to the dual layer, which, with its pinkish color really looks appeling and erotic.

Secondly thanks to the added weight, it feels way better but also more realistic. There are no secret, adding weight to an onahole truly change the whole experience.

To be honest, I highly recommand using an USB Onaho Warmer beforehand to heat the pussy. Then it’ll feel hot, tight, wet and first penetration will make your mind went blank.

It’s maybe not as big as a hip, but with this size and a weight of about 900G it’s still a big piece of lolicious flesh !


Last but not least, let’s take a look at the cleaning and maintenance.

Honestly cleaning this onahole isn’t hard at all. It’s the same trick each and even time, so you just got to learn your own technique and you’re good to go. Simply keep in mind that turning it inside-out is really not recommended otherwise you can be sure that the inside layer will break. The easiest way to clean it is by rubbing all the fluids out with your finger. Then use tepid water to rince it properly under the fosset.

Finaly, dry it gently with a microfiber towel. Patting the outside is what I’m used to do, and then I carefully go for the inside. But be sure to not be too rough though because the inside layer from Magic Eye’s are REALLY fragile and tends to tear up quite easily.

Oh one more thing, let’s talk a bit about powdering.

I’m aware lots of people don’t care about this but I still want to mention it. If you want your dear lolicous onahole to last long, just go to the nearest supermaket and buy either baby powder or cornstarch.

I’ve always been using baby powder and never at this day did I encounter any trouble with it. But keep in mind that washing after washing, the outside will keep getting stickier. If you want to avoid that and enjoy a smooth feeling while touching it, think about powdering it from time to time !

In a word ? This onahole improved everything which made its previous version so famous. Lenght, weight, size, quality of the layer… sensation are awesome, and if you take care of it, it should last for a while ! Considering the price, I would personnaly say that the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo worth between 35/40โ‚ฌ.

To me, this onahole totally worth it !

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Nice box and smart packaging + Perfect for lolicon :3 + Awesome sensations ! + The design is gorgeous ! + Cleaning and drying is rather easy + It gets really smooth and fresh once you’ve powdered it with either cornstarch or talcum
– Layer has been improved but it’s still fragile – A bit overpriced to some retailer – Gets sticky after washing
User Review
4.04 (24 votes)

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38 Replies to “Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo”

  1. Old review but figure still read this.
    My hole is going on a year now and has held up incredibly well with regular powdering with Walgreens Well Beginnings baby powder, has the least amount of bullshit ingredients no zinc or anything else mostly just corn starch and Vitamin E. I also bought one of those pumice onahole drying sticks for it and seems to have been worth it.

    Even after a year it is still quite snug and produces considerable suction. It has only very slightly torn around the opening but hasn’t progressed at all beyond the initial tiny rip even aftet many months. Aside from the entrance tear which appeared around the 3 month mark only other wear has been some “stretch marks” on the outside walls.

    All in all straight 10’s across the board.
    Great suction
    Looks great
    Very sturdy, with proper care

  2. I just got it today and used it while watching Dokidoki Little Ooyasan, and mannn was it worth my day off. So far I cleaned it up and powdered it, but there are two Iโ€™m concerned of the maintenance of this product.
    1: Should I use soap when cleaning inside?
    Iโ€™m ok cleaning outside of it, just a little concerned that the soap will stay inside and itโ€™s hard to wash it out using just my finger.
    2: Is the Microfiber Towel ok to use?
    I just ordered a Cleaning Kit from Otonajp that contains a cloth stick, though itโ€™ll take long. I tried using it to go in but it felt rough to go deeper thanks to its tightness and I feel like it would break its interiors.

  3. Hi, great reviews! I’m looking for my first toy. I’m sure you’re tired of giving sized advice ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m 20cm length and don’t want to waste my money. Of course I could just not go completely all the way through, but…would this toy fit me? Or any other recommendation?
    Much appreciated! Really good reviews

  4. Massive disappointment from the original one. From what I’ve read people are saying it’s more durable, but for me, after first use the inner layer literally split in perfect half and detached itself from the outer layer around the split, and after several more uses, parts of the inner layer started to tear off. It’s weird because the smaller one lasted me for over a year. Now I feel cheated.

  5. This was my first onahole ever, i can resume my experience to repentance.

    The onahole came defective from factory. The hole is crooked, although it begins in the center ends in the upper left, so the onahole feels strange because the pressure on the penis is not symmetrical.. With my finger i can deform the onahole from the inside at the height of his last rib in the left, it feels like its gonna break.

    It smells very bad, I can not remove the smell despite washing it several times.

    It costs a lot to dry it, it is impossible to dry it completely, I predict that microorganisms will start to appear.

    It feels too loose, maybe it’s realistic for a grown woman but I do not think that the loli on the box feels that way.

    To be honest considering what has been said and the cost I prefer my hand.

    1. Its not an obligation, but I highly recommand it since it’ll clean the toy from any dust
      that could get stick to it. Also after a few washes the outside will get really sticky, adding powder prevent this by keeping the material smooth to the touch. Its way more enjoyable to hold that way than a sticky onahole.

      Usually I apply powder on my toys every 2-3 washes.

  6. I’m between 16 and 17cm myself and it’s more than enough. R-20 is way smaller than lolinco virgo, probably more durable though since it’s single layered and made from toys heart material =)

    Personnaly, I wouldn’t hesitate a second between the two ~ Lolinco virgo is the best waifu !

          1. Yes, there are 2 version of lolinco (now 3 with the new soft one). Virgo is the biggest of all of them, you can check the pictures of the review to see the size differences

              1. It is. I have mine since barely a year now and it also got a lots of tears, mostly at the entrance of the pussy. That little “hymen” tore apart after first use XD

                That’s a pity but you get quickly used to this with Magic Eyes. But the thing is that even with lots of tears, mine still feel incredibly good, so I wont change it. I highly doubt they’ll send you a new one though…

                1. they send me a new one, probably because i live in the same country and i actually showed interest in other items.

                  i used it very slow and teasing like and it didnt break yet. now i was wondering what is the best way to clean it to try and prevent tears?

                  also the other one has like 3 big tears now and the vacuum hole doesnt even work anymore XD
                  i guess that will be the designated loose slut hole from now on since it still feels nice.

  7. Is this usable for someone with a 7 inch penis with 5.5 girth?

    i am looking around for my first onahole and i dont want to buy something that is to small.

    should i just buy the r-20 to be sure? or has there been a better one the past 5 years?

  8. What’s the hymen they keep mentioning in the product descr.?
    Is it an actual membrane or is it just fluff?

    Also, how’s the crevix? Does it add anything or is the main point that it’s a bigger Lolinco?

    1. The hymen is a part of the inner double layer, that’s the part you can see behind the labia with that tiny hole in the middle. Its purpose is to give a tighter sensation during the penetration.

      The womb chamber is only here to add vacuum, not to provide a sensation of penetring the uterus while passing through the cervix.

  9. hai, is it worth getting this virgo than normal lolinco. Since the weight will cost a lot for me.
    And is it more durable when compare with normal oe

    1. I own both and I’m using way more the virgo than the regular one. Longer, heavier and all in all far more durable. I ended up breaking my regular lolinco because the tunnel was too short. So yeah, I would recommand her over the previous version. Totally woth the money.

  10. Im considering buying this or the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro. Which one is better? I think this is more tight but I’m a little concerned about the durability of the inner layer.

    1. I haven’t tried the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro so I can’t really help you deciding which of the two is the best. But be sure that this one will last long if you take good care of it, don’t be too rough during cleaning and drying and the dual layer won’t get damaged anytime soon. Mine only has a few tears here and there after all those months of uses, and the sensation is still outstandingly good and tight!

  11. Good day, advise what to buy Lolinco Virgo 900g or
    La vie en ROSES?

    I enjoyed the old version. Thank you.

      1. Hey Man,
        I just recieved my lolinco but yesterday when i used it for the first time I found a hole on top from where the lube comes out when i thrust in, what should I do.
        Will it cause the moulds to grow as the moisture might get trapped in the hole?

  12. Nice review Bro!
    I was considering to buy Zhang Xiao Yu Hole. However, after saw you review I am totally change my mine and order the Virgo one!

    P.s. Have you ever touch “Zhang Xiao Yu Hole The Dignity of Great Pussy”? How about it compare to the virgo?

    1. Hey! Sorry I haven’t try this onahole so I can’t compare it with lolinco. But one thing is sure, you probably wont regret your purchase!

    2. I have both. Prefer this over the ZXY. The ZXY is nice but this is better IMO. Really great toy.

    1. It all depends of the brand you choose and how you take care of it. Magic Eye’s product looks awesome and feels really good. The downside is the quality of the material and it’s durability. But if you’re not too rough, it can last kinda long time. I have this cute lolinco since 4month and she’s still in a very good shape, even though there are some tears in the inside layer.

  13. Honestly yes to me it feels more durable than the normal version. 5″ is about 13cm I think ? Sorry we don’t use the same metric system in France so I don’t really know… the pussy is only about 14cm deep so I think it’d fits you. And even if you don’t reach the bottom, that doesn’t really matter. It’s better to have more free space to cum freely inside, and by this you are also reducing the risks of perforating it (like you can see on the pics right above).

    I’m personnaly around 17/18 hard and this one fits me better than the regular one. But then it’s up to you =)

  14. Is it more durble than the original? My lolinco is torn up after using it for 8 months and I’m not sure if I shoukd replace it with the same one or the virgo. I have a 5″ dick btw so I’m afraid I might be too small for the virgo.

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