Black Friday Sale, 20% off at Motsutoys on EVERY product!

Yes, you read that right, a 20% off on EVERYTHING at until the 29th!

Just use the code BLACK2021 at checkout for 20% off!

Motsutoys seems to be going all in for this Black Friday, and if you were planning on making an onahole order, now it’s the time, and for a big one!

I hope you haven’t missed our latest post, Top onaholes on MotsuToys, where you can find our favorite toys, regardless, here is a refresher of our favorite toys and a few more which we haven’t tried yet, but they look amazing!

If you enjoy reading us, we would gladly appreciate you using our affiliate links, it helps us a lot to keep bringing you more and more reviews πŸ™‚

That being said, it’s time to fap!!! Here are our top recommendations!

Ereshkigal Cherry fate hentai onahole onahip with box
Ereshkigal Cherry 6.1KG 20% OFF!!
Chun Li Slut Fighter street fighter sexy
Slut Fighter Hip 20% OFF!!
Panzer Girl Yukari hentai onahole packaging
Panzer Girls – Yukari Onahole 20% OFF!!
Panzer Girls Hentai onahole Kay box packaging
Panzer Girls – Kay Onahole 20% OFF!!
BBW MEGAHIP 15 kgs - Narumi's Thicc Ass
Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass – MEGAHIP 2.0 20% OFF!!
Demon Slayer Nezuko Body
Demon Slayer Nezuko Body 20% OFF!!
Puni Ana Miracle DX box and body
Puni Ana Miracle DX 20% OFF!!
Real Body 3D - Maria Nordal
Real Body 3D – Maria Nordal 20% OFF!!
La Bocca Della Verita
La Bocca Della Verita 20% OFF!!
Puni Ana DX Kiwami Onahip
Puni Ana DX Kiwami 20% OFF!!
Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro
Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro 20% OFF!!
Niku-Man 2200 soft and chubby big onahole
Niku-Man 2200 20% OFF!!
Puni ana SPDX - 4kg
Puni ana SPDX – 4kg 20% OFF!!
Gokusai Uterus X - Soft with packaging
Gokusai Uterus X – Soft 20% OFF!!
Tororochi melty love onahole
Tororochi 20% OFF!!
ONDO double-sided onahole oral pussy masturbator box art anime

Puni Virgin 3200 20% OFF!!
Pure Bride Lolinco plain box
Pure Bride Lolinco – Plain box 20% OFF!!
Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro
Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro 20% OFF!!
Kaitai Shinsho
Kaitai Shinsho 20% OFF!!
KYO Plush 20% OFF!!
TPE Mini Hentai Sex Doll Suki Pink hair anime girl
TPE Mini Sex Doll Suki 20% OFF!!

Beautiful Legs – Nakadashi Life 20% OFF!!

Manga Doll Izumi 20% OFF!!
TYO 360ml lubricant
TYO 360ml lubricant 20% OFF!!

Puni Ana Lubricant 360ml
Puni Ana Lubricant 360ml 20% OFF!!
Naho-chan wishes you a fun ride!

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