Puni Ana Kahanshin DX Lower Body

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Puni Ana Kahanshin DX Lower Body! Made by EXE!


Well well, what do we have here! I haven’t reviewed a sex doll on the blog yet, but this review is going to be the closest one so far.

That’s what I received, let’s open it!


This the box inside the black wrapping.

And inside, the actual box. Hell yeah, PUNI ANA series always have great boxes, and this one did not disappoint, look at it!

The artwork is 👌👌👌

So many pictures of the toy, really really good packaging showing everything you need to know.

Look at the detail, you get this cute chibi versions of the character -w-


So the contents are: the legs, and small plastic bag of lube. Give the caliber of this toy, maybe a bottle of lube wouldn’t bee too much to ask? But anyway, it is what it is, don’t forget to grab you lube!

It looks kinda cool in the packaging, and they’re very well protected, good hard plastic.


And here they are! I’ve been so anxious for this one >u<

Unfortunately the level of detail on the feet won’t satisfy your (our 😉) feet fetish, but it is what you get for the price.

You can notice a small fabric line by the middle side of the toy, but that’s how it is with products like these which do not enter in the sex doll category.

Looks nice…

The ass is small, but still squishy, I’ve had fun squeezing the cheeks.

Inside the feet, there is a small metallic piece which does not cover the entire foot, so sometimes you will get this result which is a bit of a turn off, also the fingers flap around when you move it, not the best tbf.

You can get some pretty sexy shots

And here are the holes. Unfortunately, they’re not colored on the outside, and the detail on the anus is very lacking, but still decent enough. Although I’d demand more for the price.

The insides do look very nice though.

So, there it is! I took quite a lot of pictures, I wanted to show most sides and angles so you could get a good grasp of how the toy looks. There won’t be a video this time, so I hope it makes up with the photos.

As you saw, the legs are relatively small, so they would fit more a slender small body-type girl, and not the one in the cover, and hey, I’m fine with that 😏

The legs can look beautiful, and at the same time a bit ugly, depending on the angle and small issues they have, like the skeleton part for the feet, but generally, I do find them beautiful and they do turn me on.

The material feels like you average onahole/hip, it’s basically the same but a way larger size and with metallic parts inside to keep it in shape.

I don’t have many girl clothes to try, so I didn’t bother with dressing the legs, but you could try if you want, I’m sure it will looks great.

I’ve also tried sleeping with them once, it was not bad, I had my leg wrapped around them, and it was nice, but not perfect due to the hard skeleton inside.

And before considering buying them, this will sound obvious but do in fact consider the space you have to store them, I’ll talk a bit storing later.

The legs looks great, but how do they feel?


This toy feels… awesome! Sort… off.

Now, both of the tunnels feel pretty good, that was my main concern when getting this toy, since many big toys lack in the tunnel feeling, but this one did not disappoint. The vaginal tunnel is very stimulating, and the anus feels great as well, but with a softer feeling. I can’t really decide which I like more.

So, while the tunnels do feel great, I did not enjoy using this toy. Why? Well… I just… can’t get it in. Yep, as weird as it sounds, I just can’t find a comfortable way of using this toy.

(the toy looks beat up in these photos, I’ll explain later)

Aside from the pictures, I’ve tried a few other positions and moving the legs around in different ways, but it just doesn’t work. I believe it is because of how the skeleton is made, it’s too stiff and it doesnt allow to set the legs in certain positions which I would find comfortable for sex.

I’ve tried putting it flat on the bed, on top of my dakimakura, but nothing works. Missionary is what I usually do the most with big toys, but I just can’t get it inside easily, sure my penis isn’t very large so that also plays a role in it, but the way the legs bend does not help me reach properly, and once I do, the hip flips in a way where the tunnel is too vertical to the bed, and I would need to bend my dick in an inverted L shape to get it in.

One way to get it in in missionary is opening the legs 180 degrees and using the toy like that, which isn’t very fun.

Cowboy position is another one I cannot get to work either, I can’t find a way for the legs to bounce on top of my lap, I have to hold the hip laying on top of my belly and sliding it like that on my penis. It works, but not the best way of masturbating.


As expected, it will be a pain to clean this, the legs do not fit under the sink so what you’d have to do is… well, I don’t really have any tips, good luck, lol. I’ve tried cleaning them in the shower. To clean them, pour water inside, remove the fluids helping with your fingers, then pour soap, clean with your fingers and flush. Then dry with a small microfiber towel the insides, and a regular towel to clean the outside.


Before reaching the final conclusion, one more thing. I’ve had this toy for half a year now, and due to work, I’ve barely had time to use it. I’ve stored it VERY poorly inside a box, but that’s what I could do with the space I had, and, this is the result.

It looks… pretty bad. That yellowishness does not occur in my other hip toys, at least not to that extend. Also the meat got squashed and on some places the skin even got dark. So make sure you have a good flat place to store it, and cover it with towels perhaps, cause if you don’t take good care of it, you might get this result.

As for my conclusion… this toys is perhaps a good toy, but just not for me. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to fapping, so I avoid moving too much, and my smaller size difficults the use of it in certain positions, but it is also true that perhaps it’s the toy’s poor engineering where I cannot quite get to like it, for me it feels like 70% of the time trying to find a comfortable position, and 30% actually fapping. It’s a shame, cause the holes are pretty good, but hey, give it a try, maybe you could find a better way of using it than me.

Puni Ana Kahanshin DX Lower Body
  • 7/10
    Appearance - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Sensations - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ amazing box
+ beautiful legs
+ fun ways of using it to explore
+ great vaginal and anal tunnels
– skeleton too stiff making the toy hard to use
– little extras
User Review
5.1/10 (5 votes)

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  1. This may sound odd, but do you have any video reviews of Onaholes being used. Not like a dildo, but like being used?

  2. This was a fantastic onahole review.

    I especially appreciated the photos of you using it as well. I wish more Onahole reviewers did that.
    You should also consider maybe doing video demonstrations of you using the products as well in the future. 🙂

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