Sex Machines

KYO Piston ~ AnonD

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD! Presenting you a new sex toy review, KYO Piston! Made by MotsuToys! Yes, the famous european shop for onaholes, MotsuToys, made this sex machine! This is my first time trying a sex machine, and I was very excited in reviewing this product. After so many years fapping with onaholes (since…


Ritopuri – Little Princess

Yahaloo !! It’s been such a while since I haven’t posted anything on the blog, it’s really a weird feeling to come back here after all this time ! Plus, today is very special since I’ll introduce to you a new brand called ONAGAN and that has still never been showed on before. For…


Neotenic Fairy

The idea that stands behind the Neotenic Fairy is actually based on a boiled egg, implying a smooth and hard outside featuring a very soft and jelly-like inside. The HANJUKU ! (Half Mature) from EXE is based on the same concept. Magic Eyes decided to give it a try too with this new hip so let’s check…


Magic Face

Hello all once again, I’m WavyTurtle and I’m back after some time with another review. I’d tell you all the story, but it’s already on another blog, so I suggest you look there. I won’t bring it up here. Before I get off topic again, here is an onahole that comes to us from the…


Puni Ana DX

In today’s article, I’ll finaly be reviewing THE most popular and famous onahip of the moment. Made by the awesome staff of EXE and aimed to satisfy the lust of thousand of fellows lolicons over the earth, I’m truly pleased to introduce to you this super adorable girl : The Puni Ana DX. As some…


Squishy Sisters

Today is finaly the time for a new lolicious review of a very unique and special onahip designed by RENDS JAPAN. You’ve probably already heard of this brand through product such as the New USB Onaho Warmer, the A10 Cyclone, the VORZE A10 Cyclone SA or more recently the Rends Ona Apron. Actually this company is mainly focusing its…


Girl’s Dungeon

After two weeks of holidays and a short break on my reviews, I’m finaly back on track with this surprising and unique onahole from my favorite brand ever, Magic Eyes. There’s no denial that after having tried so many product from them, sextoys of other companies now truly feels to me like some vulgar pieces of…


Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000

Today is very special since I’ll introduce you one of the doggystyle-onahip I’ve been the most curious about since quite a long time now. Made by PPP and provided to me by the kind staff of MotsuToys, this product surprised me in many ways and is now indisputably one of my most favorite hip of…


Love Style 48

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Love Style 48! Made by MAGIC EYES! Hey, look at all those shops selling this onaholet! But it’s normal, because it’s great! Love Style 48 is a large onahole, I guess we could even call it a mini-doll! Let’s take a look at it….