Virtual Sex Series M Hips Onahole

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Virtual Sex Series M Hips Onahole! Made by ToysHeart!


So, that name sounds… uhh… I don’t know, virtual sex? The marketing doesn’t look too virtual to me, but maybe I have in mind virtual anime girls playing Minecraft 😂

Now, I don’t know what’s virtual about this onahole, but I’ll treat it as any other hip-sized onahole, though this one is a little bit different, mainly in size. Let’s check it out 😀


Here is the packaging.

You: that’s it?

Me: yeah, that’s it.

I didn’t took any more photos ’cause it was not worth it, it is basically the same on all four sides… I guess it’s better than a regular cardboard box, but well, it would’ve been nice something with more effort put into it for such an expensive toy. So this “Virtual Sex Series M Hi-“ uh nevermind, “Lina Sexy Doll”, is made by Toy’sHeart. How do I know?

What, you don’t see the logo on that tiny sticker? I mean, sure, but it feels so cheap. But anyway, marketing is not all that important if the contents itself are good. Let’s see what’s inside.


Contentes: the onahole hip. No lube included.


And here it is.

It’s not big enough to fill my hands, but it’s decent enough.

Kanojotoys gave me some panties with it, let’s try them!

Looks nice.

This hip-onahole is a bit different, and that is because it’s bigger, not in size but features, this one has part of the legs and a good part of the torso, which makes the experience a lot nicer, it gets close to a sex doll. In fact, I believe this is even better than a sex doll sometimes, no need for the extra weight and just have the part that you want to firmly grab and slam on your lap ;P

So, it looks nice, but it has that cheap feeling from brandless onaholes you might find on amazon or shady sites, that realism-like trying for the vagina is just… meh, doesn’t look good, it’s not ugly either but you know, could have been different.

Also, yeah, it doesn’t look nowhere near as good as the marketing pictures, there was too much photo editing put into it to look good, to the point where it falls a bit into the misleading advertising zone. In fact, when I opened the box I was wondering if I got sent the wrong one. But well, looks aren’t everything, and as for the other features, it is firm, holds in place, has good weight and overall it’s fun to use. Let’s see using it in action!


This onahole feels… quite good! But let’s check the video first.

Due to it’s size, it is a bit heavy and it was impossible for me to show it mounting the dildo while also recording, so I had to record it while laying and thrusting, but I mostly use it cowgirl style.

Now, this is a bit different from what I have experienced in the past with hip onaholes, and it’s mainly because of the legs. They don’t bend too much, and they are rigid in that position, you might think that makes it harder to get into it, but that resistance is actually nice. There are two different ways I use it. One is with the legs spread, each one falling around me, which is the one I mostly use. I really like how it sticks on top of you and there is some sort of pressure around you. When you grab it by the torso, and slide it on top, damn, that feels great, and not because of the inner tunnel feeling, but you really get that feeling like a girl is riding you for real. Used with VR porn, the effect is amplified, and I used this a lot for my VR fap sessions.

The other way of using it, with the legs on top, it is interesting, but might not be the best if your penis is not long enough. That way you can make it jump on top of you, which is nice, and the legs get squished when slamming it on top of you, which I like but I wish I could get more complete strokes haha.

Slapping the ass, grabing it on the bottom, the top, making it jump on you, all that is really great and fun play, I do like it a lot. Now, there is something negative to point out, which for me, are the tunnels. They feel… like… open, like not tight, but at the same time the material inside is rigid. I would have preferred a more “surrounded-by-meat” experience rather than rigid insides with a good stimulation. Maybe a bigger sized penis would enjoy this more, but for me, it is a bit lacking, altough it does feel good, but not great.

Both tunnels feel the same to me, usually the anus feels bad in dual onaholes, but it’s not the case.


Cleaning, like any hip-sized onahole, might suppose a bit of effort, but that is to be expected. This onahole’s size is good enough to fit entirely inside my sink, so it’s not too big. To clean it, pour water inside, remove the fluids helping with your fingers, then pour soap, clean with your fingers and flush. Then dry with a small microfiber towel both the outside and the inside.


It’s a pretty good hip-sized onahole, for it’s shape and the fun of using it, the only downside is that the holes are a bit lacking for me, but overall it’s a great toy I found myself using a lot.

  • 8/10
    Appearance - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Sensations - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10

Virtual Sex Series M Hips Onahole

+ big size
+ fun to use
+ good feeling
+ realistic experiences
– unnappealing packaging
– a bit expensive
User Review
4.75/10 (8 votes)

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