NPG Pure Meiki Ichika Matsumoto Onahole

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, NPG Pure Meiki Ichika Matsumoto Onahole! Made by NPG!

Alright, a new Meiki, I haven’t tried many of these but they’re popular for being top tier, let’s check this one out!


And here is the packagi- uhh…

Ooh, alright, that’s more like it, lol. So, here is the packaging of the onahole.

😭😭😭 UOOOHHHH, she is so cute! I really gotta check out her JAVs 😭!

Such an amazing box, full of details, colors, the onahole from angles, insides, the JAV Idol it’s based on, just so good.

so cute

Alright, the box now open, let’s check the content- wait, what’s that inside?

😭😭😭 such a nice detail, soooo cute! 10/10 box!


So, here are the contents, quite a lot of stuff!

Nice, quite a few pictures of her, and waterproof, in case you wanna cum tribute her -w-

Also the included lube has pictures of her, so cool.

Oh, and there is also an onahole.

So yeah, Onahole, Lube, and a few photos of the JAV idol, very good on the extras and box design. Let’s take a closer look of the onahole.


Here it is, Ichika Matsumoto’s pussy -v-

While not properly colored, it looks very nice to me. That red color of the insides pops out so nice in contrast with the skin color, it looks like the insides are gonna milk you dry. It’s also a decently sized onahole, although the tunnel is a bit short, you will see in a picture below. It is soft and squeezy to the touch, and, well, not much more to say, let’s go straight to the feeling.


This onahole feels… soft. Let’s take a look at the insides and a video first.

So, the feeling is decent, but for my own taste, it is a bit too soft and not very stimulating. The tunnel feels more or less the same from beginning to end, and the material does not hug tightly your penis, giving a lower stimulation. I use it from time to time, but it is not my first choice.

I would say the toy has a decent size, a good chunk of meat to fall on your lap.


Cleaning it is very easy. Pour water inside, remove the fluids helping with your fingers, then pour soap, clean with your fingers and flush. Then dry with a small microfiber towel the insides, and a regular towel to clean the outside.


This onahole features an amazing box and cute JAV idol. If you’re her fan, I guess it’s an ok purchase, but the lack of stimulation is really making it hard for me to recommend it. The feeling is alright but there are better choices.

NPG Pure Meiki Ichika Matsumoto Onahole
  • 9/10
    Appearance - 9/10
  • 5/10
    Sensations - 5/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ amazing box
+ many extras
– lackluster feeling
User Review
4.25/10 (4 votes)

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