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SAX’ Faphero: The Seductive Grimoire


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Here comes yet another great new faphero, made by SAX (and helped by DoniZ for English translation). Hostess, beatbar, good anime and music choices, everything one needs for fun masturbation ! Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy !

40:07. Do as you’re told, and try to hold it until the end. Good luck and have fun !!


Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Feminist and sex-positivist. Pansexual. Genderbender. Freedoms activist. オナホ レビュー 著者 「onaho-review-author」

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  1. Great work SAX, hope you’ll continue making such fine piece of work and thx for adding Saeki, dunno why but that girl was my favorite in BB

  2. I love it how you put a new life in old BB! I think though that the beggining is kinda too easy 😛 Thank you for your work, I really liked it and Saeki is my favourite too 😀

  3. lol dat muffet theme in the credits 😛

  4. What is the hentai that starts up at 12 minutes in?

    • It’s called “Menkui!”.
      If you’re looking for more info about the sources I used, feel free to watch the credits at the end of video^^

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