Where to find Faphero videos

Lately I haven’t kept myself updated about Fap Heroes and their creators, the community, the sources, etc. And by “lately”… I mean 18 months. I hardly ever go on Discord, 4chan’s /h/ , Tumblr pisses me off horribly, Patreon enforces their morals (closes down pages), and porn tubes like xHamster and Pornhub …. monitoring torrent compilations to pick out what’s new?

Since I’m often out of the loop, I need a little “sticky note” where I can keep track of what to check out for new content I may encode and stream on Onahole Review. May as well share those bookmarks and allow people to easily notify me of any change by leaving a comment πŸ˜‰



(more creators to keep an eye on: PsychoSplash, Ninza, Nanashi, Fryz3, Raptor,…)


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