Internet decides: onahole poll #3 (closed)

Hello and welcome to the third poll !

Internet boys and girls, I have a problem. I can’t keep up to the pace πŸ™‚ With the previous poll I already got quite some stuff (still have Bumpy Sisters and La Bocca Della Verita waiting). And my wishlist on J-List is pretty empty (Tied Up Girl being not restocked meanwhile). So I had to find what may be worth…

Results: approved by 63%

Now for the big part πŸ™‚ I think I’ll just do that kind of poll later on, up to me to find where to get stuff. The choices with links are the things I wishlisted, custom choices are in grey ! P-Please be gentle ^^



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4 Replies to “Internet decides: onahole poll #3 (closed)”

  1. Hey I’ve been reading your reviews and stuff, but whenever I get a hole usually after the first even if im gentle I end up protruding through it… do you have any recommendations for shall we a say “larger packages”?

    1. Not my fault ^^ There are people who prefer J-List (because they already have an account, have better trust in it, only know this one, I don’t know the reasons).

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