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Internet decides: onahole poll #5 (closed)


Snowmen and grasshoppers, my to-review drawer is almost empty ! Quick quick, the poll 🙂

What yummy stuff will it be this time ? Mmmh. At least one ToysHeart and one PPP must be please, and then a few extras of your choice ! The options with link are from my wishlist, and you can also add and vote custom options. Top 3 is for sure, and maybe I can get the next few with the commissions. Surprise me ^^

(btw new rule in the poll: now you can vote again after 6 hours !)

Closed; results:



Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Feminist and sex-positivist. Pansexual. Genderbender. Freedoms activist. オナホ レビュー 著者 「onaho-review-author」

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  1. What exactly is the Smoking Phantom? Overpriced lube? Some sort of molding gel?

    • AkaiHebi

      Mmmh, somewhere between a lube and a “regular onahole”: a steel can filled with some kind of jelly, and you pierce through it. It was already sold back in 2011 so it’s really just a wacky bonus for the crazy-brave ^^

  2. Cool & Cute Amafella ~ The Sweet Fellatio Hole

    This new onahole from A-one have been one of the best sellers in j-list quite a while now.
    But i can’t find any information about this onahole even on A-one site.

  3. Lol i juts noticed someone slipped a yaoi/trap onahole in the poll (http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B005FIORDS?ie=UTF8&redirect=true)…

    Your take on this Oh Great Crimson Snake?

  4. AkaiHebi

    Now do I have to ban cheaters ? Really ? 🙁

  5. For starters, definitely don’t bother with Puritto hip Seventeen. Its not worth it. If you want a hip toy, get something like puni hole dx

  6. The poll has finally ended and now we wait for the goods to make their way to the Snake’s Lair ^^.

    Btw i was thinking of buying a new onahole but i have quite a few in my wishlist which are:

    Open My Pussy! Lolinco
    Seventeen Evo Soft

    Which would you recommend me to buy AkaiHebi? Or do you have another in your opinion that might be better? So far my favorite are Nurse’s Uterus and Bumpy Sisters ( the nun ) and while mouth of truth is nice i’m having a hard time getting used to it ( maybe the stimulation is too intense right now ).

    Btw good luck if you try Smoking Phantom, i suppose it would be like having intercourse with a slime or flubber …. *shudder*

    • AkaiHebi

      I only know about Lolinco ^^
      Yeah I wonder how Smoking Phantom will go~

      • I got AKD4X recently but I didn’t really enjoy it. Its concept is definitively interesting but it didn’t perform as well as I had hoped. Maybe because its single layered, anyways I’d recommend Open My Pussy! Lolinco or Seventeen Evo Soft. I have a Seventeen Bordeaux and Open My Pussy! Lolinco and I think both are a solid choice. Don’t know about HIDACHITUKKO PLUS though.

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