My big brother is pervert

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Big brother aka onii-chan is a pervert !


I was quite excited when receiving this onahole, because it’s my very first P×P×P onahole. PPP, that’s yet another child company of Outvision (Hokuto Corporation), promising solid quality at affordable price.

PPP is also jumping head-first in quite wacky stuff, like the “Vacuum Master” onahole (with an opening to connect to your vacuum cleaner, making a plastic tongue drive you crazy), or basically a copycat of Rends’ onahole warmer, and never forget the “Twins Panic” loli twin onahip that got me jaw-dropping. Keep watch !

“My big brother is pervert” (NLS), aka “Baka de Hentai na Niini ni, Konna Koto Sareru nante” 馬鹿で変態なにぃにに、こんなことされるなんて。 , which basically means “idiot pervy bro, so I’m being such a thing” is one of many small onaholes released by PPP. The box is kinda big for such a small onahole, but then there’s more to see:


The illustration is made by Anii (あにぃ), and the depicted character has a name: TENDO Ruri (天童  瑠璃). It’s not a random girl, she’s part of an eroge: ぜったい遵守☆子作り許可証ぱらだいす!!  ( Zettai junshu ☆ kotsukuri kyokashō paradaisu:  Absolute compliance child making permit Paradise ), by Softhouse-seal GRANDEE. Character page:  TENDO Ruri


And so PPP got to make the official onahole of Ruri-chan. I didn’t play the eroge though. But, BUT ! I saw this eroge’s prequel, in hentai anime: Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou (ぜったい遵守☆強制子作り許可証   /  Absolute compliance forced child making permit ). I totally recommend it, it’s energetic sex with dynamic camera movements without ends, exactly like the holy Imouto Paradise. Don’t get seasick !


Oh please, let the sequel be animated. I beg you, gods of hentai. Anyway, back to Ruri-chan.

  • birthday: 12 february
  • height: 148cm
  • bust-waist-hips size:  B72 W50 H73
  • breasts: B cup

That’s… helpful. I expected the blood type too. On the box the character design is well respected, and since she’s totally exposed you ~may~ want to renounce on the packaging depending on your country. What a shame, she’s plenty cute and huggable.

Inside the box, you find a 120mL bottle of water-based lube containing hyaluronic acid and Ag+ silver ions against microbes. Well enough for 20+ plays, with that onahole size.

Designed and manufactured in Japan. The material is top-quality, even a bit better than G-Project. It’s really tight competition with ToysHeart. It has almost no smell, doesn’t get much sticky, dries rather fast, and feels durable. Kissing and licking allowed. The shape is like a bust, with cute little boobies going so far into details there’s even nipples. On the other hand, the pussy seems to be just a slit with a big hole. At that scale, it’s as if the girl just got fist-fucked and her vagina can’t close up.


But that’s mini-size, and such hole is needed because it’s already not very easy to slide in ! A common problem with small onaholes, like Super V, or GuchoMon Pocket, Still, after a couple seconds you find yourself sliding your penis between little ribs and suction-circles. Even with that small vacuum chamber, you feel it cling around your shaft. It’s nice, pretty nice.

But don’t get too wild on it: you reach the bottom fairly quick, and you see your penis “poking” out at the bottom. It’s a bit disturbing, but you don’t drill a hole through it right away. To do such thing, I think you would need to push it way down until the boobies are touching your balls (for an average-sized westie). I easily stretch the onahole to twice it’s size.

No the only damage I saw after 1+ month using it 3-4 times a week, is a ripping zone here:


A common weak spot for onaholes.

For that mini-size, the sensations you get are really noticeable. It’s not as complex as Lolinco but I better compare it to other small onaholes: for a weight of 160g, this onahole gets a deserved gold medal. I like it.

After using, you can easily put it in your pocket to safely bring it to the tap, you stick one or two fingers inside to help flushing away the stuff (or you can try turning it inside-out, but I wouldn’t recommend it), pat it dry with a microfiber cloth, and store it. And you can rub some talc or corn starch on it’s surface to make it lovely smooth and silky. Nice work, PPP 🙂

music track: Zettai junshu ☆ kotsukuri kyokashō paradaisu  opening (instrumental)

My big brother is pervert
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Performs quite good for a mini onahole !

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3.5 (4 votes)

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9 Replies to “My big brother is pervert”

  1. omg, my very first onahole. what a fucking amazing feeling. get some cute pics out and start fapping with this toy. just wish i could last longer when im inside it.

  2. Well, happy freaking birthday Ruri-Chan. Haven’t played the VN yet nor bought this onahole even if I plan to someday…

  3. I am thinking of buying this from amazon since it says it’s about 9$. My only concern about buying this is the fact that I live in the U.S and want to know if this comes in it’s own box when it comes here so no body will see the front package or not. besides a number of my friends (and only my friends) no one else knows that I like lolis like this. Also I never used or bought an onahole before and though I am sure my dick isn’t massive ik it’s not small, but idk what is too big or too small for an onahole especially a loli sized one… Though I would love to use one

    1. Amazon Japan only ships onaholes in Japan, hence the “no global shipping” symbol. Both NLS and NipponSexToys use plain boxes for shipping, and they write something like “plastic figure” as description. Discreet 🙂

      This one is really small, pocket-size etc. Best as penis head teaser 😉 But it’s stretchy and should feel nice for everybody average.

      1. I see. Thanks for the info. So NLS does ship global correct? do you know much much the shipping is by chance? Also would you trust NLS? I would like to know if I can count on getting it and be sure my info won’t be stolen.

        1. I believe NLS does ship globally, yeah. The shipping depends on weight, the method (faster is more expensive), etc. To see the shipping price, you can just go to the website, put it in your cart, and check out; it’ll show you what the price is before you enter your information and such.

          NLS recently bumped up their shipping prices, unfortunately, so it looks like it’d be almost $30 with shipping. NipponSexToys would be cheaper, actually.

          NLS is very trustworthy; I think it’s actually most peoples’ vendor of choice (maybe that’ll change now that they’re charging so much for shipping).

  4. I recently got this onahole, and oh my god… I’ve only tested it twice, but I got to say it’s my #1 onahole for the moment. The feeling it’s superb… it’s a small onahole, so it’s not designed to give stimulation to the whole penis, but just to the tip… and it feels really good.
    ” It has almost no smell, doesn’t get much sticky, dries rather fast, and feels durable”
    I agree on everything. I really like the material, It dries fast on the outside. I totally recommend it to anyone, it’s quite cheap and comes with lube.

  5. nice review (as always), but I have got a question.
    what size dose this onahole have? I don’t have the biggest ding dong on earth and I have no idea what the average size of a westie is, so I’m curious if it maybe fit for me (or if it’s really THAT small).
    and will you review “Twins Panic”?
    it looks very nice but I’m too afraid to buy it out of the blue (I would probably try it, if it was a little cheaper)

    1. I just added the measurements in the post 🙂
      Twins Panic… maybe 🙂 maybe 😈 note it’s not an onahip: 14.5cm. It’s the included game that can make it worth. But the illustration and the detailed onahole… *heavy heartbeat*

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