Spring: Naho-chan and hanami

Winter is slowly coming to and end, days are getting longer, snow is melting, warmth and love start to fill the air !

The city of Yorokobitani has a great park with lots of cherry trees, Naho-chan always loved to go there with her friends for hanami ? ( 花見 ), the traditional cherry blossom viewing, and enjoying a picnic under a cherry tree. And this year is special because she wanted to go there with you !

After walking for a bit, you finally find a spot with no one around, under a really big and mighty cherry tree with lots of blossoms. And as you were starring at a lovely couple of birds singing high on the tree top, you hear Naho-chan say:

Hey, looky there ?



? Many thanks to RenRen for these awesome new wallpapers of our mascot Naho-chan, make sure to check RenRen’s Pixiv for more stunning drawings and how to get in touch for commissioned work !

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3 Replies to “Spring: Naho-chan and hanami”

  1. Me: “What do you think you are doing in a public place like this!?”

    Naho-chan: “…”

    Me: “Well I think I have no choice but to teach you a lession.”


  2. I was wondering, I don’t know which onahole i should get so I was wondering if you recommend me some good ones

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