Incoming censorship in Russia

Following yet another notification from the Roskomnadzor, forwarded by CloudFlare, our web host temporarily deactivated Onahole Review.

I’ve been contacted by our web host on how to proceed: me and AnonymousD decided that our freedom of expression is more important than compliance to Russian laws since neither of us are or will ever be in Russia, and we won’t be removing or altering every single post that the Roskomnadzor dislikes. Therefor, we won’t remove the targeted post, and in 24 hours from now, the Roskomnadzor will effectively tell Russian Internet Service Providers to no longer resolve the “” domain name, making it unavailable to Russian visitors using the default internet access settings. Now that the hosting is reactivated, it will remain available everywhere else in the world (unless it’s been silently censored already, screw you Vietnam).

In short: Onahole Review won’t be available in Russia anymore starting Saturday 18th, 2016.

I take this last opportunity to tell all of our (few) Russian visitors goodbye and farewell, should they not want to circumvent their State’s censorship (see below). See you around where we’re not censored (yet), for example on Twitter ! Stay free, don’t hurt anybody, protect your rights and keep internetting !

However, now the Roskomnadzor got me pissed off quite bad, and I’m not giving them victory without returning them a little punch in the face.

Для доступа к сайту смените DNS настройки на вашем компьютере: сервера “Google’s Public DNS” не подвержены цензуре. Или используйте TOR браузер, чтобы обойти IP блокировку.

To circumvent the Russian censorship (and many other basic State-wide censorships):

  • change your computer’s DNS settings: Google’s Public DNS servers don’t censor, you’ll be able to keep accessing Onahole Review like before (but also a bunch of other websites the Roskomnadzor disliked, for more or less valid reasons)
  • or: use the TOR browser, which also circumvents IP censorship and dynamic packet inspection/modification and protects against visitor tracking at the cost of much slower speed

Roskomnadzor, I saw you a few days ago. That’s how it got clear to me you already saw our previous compliance, but no matter if it was enough to you now you came back for our Puni Ana DX Hard review, and shortly after you’ll certainly come back again for the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo. And the cat/mouse game would go on and on until there’s no more of those reviews left, since it’s pretty clear to us that you’re after loli content even when you don’t clearly say it in your abuse complaints.

Go ahead, come checking that we didn’t delete the post, your next visit will yield your IP address to us, which we will make public so website owners can DENY ACCESS TO YOU. Serves you well, censorfreak.

20 June: here we go:

Screenshot at 2016-06-20 16:53:43

And this is how you configure the CloudFlare firewall:

Screenshot at 2016-06-20 17:09:29

You can also enter the Roskomnadzor’s Autonomous System ID in the blocklist, in case they get new IP addresses:  AS196641

From Europe with love, bear hugs and queer kisses,

AkaiHebi, tech-admin of Onahole Review

Edit: with the ban being enabled, it came to my attention that a few websites list blocked URLs:

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6 Replies to “Incoming censorship in Russia”

  1. Nothing is banned i can confirm (St. Petersburg, Russia). Roskomnarzor talks much but does less. Just forget about it.
    Nice Blog AkaiHebi. Keep it up! 😉

    1. ooh, did they lift the ban thinking Onahole Review blocks all of Russia when in fact we’re only blacklisting Roskomnadzor’s IP range ? 🙂

      1. No idea. In fact RKNDZR autoban any site that mention pedofilia or any colateral meanings of it including lolicon.

  2. I live there, just forget about it.
    They do not know, where to spend money with better pullback (it’s when you pay, and 50-100% of money are sent back).

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