Moe Perfume -A little Sister’s Smell Who Loves Her Elder Brother-

Moe Perfume -A little Sister's Smell Who Loves Her Elder Brother-

Long story short: I needed lightweight but expensive shit for the Free R-1 Starter Set campaign on NLS.

What does it smell like ? I don’t know… I get a hint of strawberry, but… hey Tamatoys, did you ever smell a little sister, because… wait… what do you put in those perfumes ?

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Author: AkaiHebi

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2 Replies to “Moe Perfume -A little Sister’s Smell Who Loves Her Elder Brother-

  1. R-1 starter ? I have one πŸ˜‰ nothing special or spectacular, quite plain in reality. I could imagine some real controls via USB, user defined patterns etc. and of course most importantly full waterproofness, which it lacks, shame. (info from the manual)
    After a little practice I was able to come with it, just by pressing the rotor at the right place, through clothes … and yes I’m a guy. So it is really unisex as advertised πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the “smell” reviews, a little more about this one would be nice, just a hint of strawberry, that is all ?

    1. Yeah can’t tell more since I got a cold, and I’m not very expert in odors anyway. The smell vanishes pretty quick.

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