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Onahole packaging is nice and all, but let’s face it: when you start to have a big collection of them, you just can’t stack up the boxes until there’s no space left in your room. And another thing: no matter how dry your onaholes are, they tend to get a little oily and therefor you shouldn’t keep them into carton boxes. When I say oily don’t get me wrong, they should not be “dripping wet”. But even if you don’t see/feel it, you can place a TPE-made onahole on a sheet of paper and after a few minutes you will see little traces on the paper (that’s actually a trick to have a hint of the material, TPE gets only little oily when other materials make the paper soaked). That’s perfectly normal but well, just letting the carton boxes absorb this isn’t good. Moreover some onaholes are in blister package which is not that great to keep.

May it be for storage or transportation, bags are useful. And if they provide a little more discretion for your collection, it’s good too. NLS got 4 different sizes.

Bag sizes on the page, note that the colors differ. Since I’m a “westie” I got extra-large bags *laughs* that came in dark green color. In a single extra-large bag you can store:

  1. Tenga flip hole
  2. Pepee lotion (360 ml bottle)
  3. Seventeen Bordeaux

Pretty convenient. And there’s no printing outside so one can’t tell what’s inside without opening (but you can store anything you want with it, for example use as pencil case for school or toolkit). And because it’s breathable, your onaholes can dry peacefully after washing.

Don’t really know how I can rate this.. let’s say the price is good, it can store toys for westies easily, the material is good and it gives good discretion.

Toy Bag
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


It’s just a toy bag, well made and useful.

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7 Replies to “Toy Bag”

  1. I have a Question. I also come from the west and can’t seem to find any clues on where I can get similar bags locally since shipping is expensive. Any advice?

    1. From my experience, many toys (especially a bit “luxury” vibrators) come with a little storage pouch.
      But really, any cosmetic pouch can do, as long it’s breathable.

  2. Is there any other bags that would do the same trick that are like easier to get than having it imported? Like something I can just pick up at walmart or target?

  3. I’m kinda wondering if its safe to put onahole in the same bag. Can i get a big bag and put a couple together or keep them all in separate bags?

    1. Oh, I recommend powdering them since if you don’t, they may get sticky and cling to each other πŸ™‚ But no worries, separating them doesn’t harm them

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