Niso Niso


Very quick review of Niso Niso, by G-Project !


Told you, G-Project aims at the otaku community, with fairly good quality products. And today, let’s talk about this onahole product. It’s…


Young lady in schoolgirl uniform, from taking a close look it seems she doesn’t has any pantsu, but she’s so (in-)conveniently hiding herself using her legs. Doesn’t matter anyway, it’s not about her pussy. It’s about her legs.


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Or more exactly her knee-socks (hence the name: “niso” is the Japanese word for knee-socks, no matter if they’re underknee or overknee or thigh-highs). And it comes with a little bottle of perfume. Very quick about that perfume scent: it smells good, a bit flowerish, but doesn’t last long and is really not realistic (I mean come on…)

No, the reason I got this is because of the knee-socks. As most(?) of you are aware already, I occasionally cosplay. And while I previously had a black short niso and a striped long niso, a longer black niso was missing.


Pretty comfy !
Pretty comfy ! Although a bit too small for me, tall gaijin


About the scent, huh… well. If you do own a doll (blowup or silicone), you may want to hide it’s “natural smell” by spraying some of that perfume. But if you use the knee-socks on yourself or your special someone, it’s really up to you 🙂

The material is a really soft smooth knitting, it’s really pleasant to the touch and would do perfect for any kind of fantasies, may it be cosplaying for fun, dressing up your doll, adding it to a tsundere costume, spicing up ashi-ko-ki action, or simply casually wearing it during the day.

Leaving you with one of my cutest pics, and the maker’s promo video !


Niso Niso
  • 7/10
    Feeling - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Materials - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 4/10
    Price - 4/10


Feels good and is a nice addition for any kind of usage, but the perfume may not be very useful

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4 Replies to “Niso Niso”

  1. Is that you in that last pic? If so, you have some sexy legs. The socks looks great on you. <3

  2. Hi AkaiHebi,
    You’ve mentioned that your Japanese isn’t very good so I’d like to offer a fix for your sig. =)

    オナホ復習 著者 「onaho-review-author」

    The word you used for review, 復習 (fukushuu), doesn’t mean review in the sense “write a review about.” It’s “review” in the sense of reviewing your notes before an exam. If you want to use a native Japanese word, you probably want to use 評判 (hyouban), meaning reviewing in the sense of critique/criticism, instead. Alternatively, it would be more common in Japanese to use the loan word レビュー (rebyuu, review)! For example, movie reviews are usually labeled “映画レビュー” (eiga rebyuu).

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