HUG ME!! air pillow

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In no way they imply, suggest or promote sexual abuse or harm of human beings.
If such illustrated packaging is forbidden in the buyer's country or if the buyer doesn't wish to receive it, selected vendors can ship products without the illustrated packaging upon request during order.
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I really don’t know how to introduce this post. Let’s try like this:

You surely know that it exists: air pillows, air dolls, onaholes. Happens that in Japan they take a product that could be a genuine beach air mattress, put some illustrations on it, and sell it. Oh they form it in a certain way, and let it be called “hug pillow”. Being very skeptical about it’s “spice-up” effect, I just wanted to buy one, cheap, to try out. One of the cheapest with printing on NLS is “HUG ME!! Innocent Girl’s Lovely Air Pillow”.

Don’t mind the onahole, separate item I didn’t took (you guess I got plenty of onaholes to choose from 😎 and Seven is quite similar).

Ok boy, you acquired an air pillow depicting an imouto-girl calling you onii-chan (big bro’) with cat ears and a 19.5 cm space between the “legs” to place up to 3 onaholes (look how NLS’ doing it right):

.. and it was the cheapest item demonstrated by NLS that has printing… NLS shows you how it works:

… and so you got yourself an A/C air pump because yes it takes only 1-2 minutes to blow it up, and you’re ready to go missionary. You do know how missionary works ? No ? Just take a look on the Wikipedia page, has some illustrations. And then you are going to ask me: isn’t there something strange with the penetration angle ? Does it fit a human’s erection ? Look:

In blue the pillow, in red your favorite onahole, in green you.  (forgive my poor drawing skills, not the point here anyway). Of course you won’t use 3 onaholes at the same time because to put them all in place they have to be like this, good luck to penetrate that in missionary and the pillow design prevents any lotus-position fallback. So you do this:

That’s better. But remember how a man’s thrusting in missionary: with a slight rotation movement, you soon enough end up like this:

Once you start to get in the mood, you manage to dig the onahole out of the pillow. Great 👿

You can try with a lump erection so that the angle is sharp enough to keep the onahole into the pillow, but well.. pretty deceiving. The printing may be arousing enough (with the help of a little hentai on the laptop just aside) but the little troubles with the penetration angle, the pillow slipping as you thrust in, trying to penetrate well enough without putting too much weight on the pillow.. definitively not a good experience.

And ho-oh, you have to keep in mind that it is filled with air, that even the smallest hole results in noticeable air leakage, and there’s nothing like trying to have fun while a hissing sound reminds you you have to hurry before there’s no more air in it. Should this be an issue ? Hell yes, as soon as at the second time ! You got me well: the air pillow isn’t melted in one piece, but in separate pieces molten together. And what had to happen happened: 3 holes right on the ridge, and you can’t fix it of course, it’s not like a bicycle tire. Yes, just there who you put your toys in, that’s the weak spot. Congratulations, you can take it out to the trash and post on your blog, see you soon buying more rubbish from EXE. 😡 ‘guess the printing is the best thing in this product… apart the experience that you have to “step into dogshit” to avoid it next time.

HUG ME!! air pillow
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Don’t fuck with me.

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8 Replies to “HUG ME!! air pillow”

  1. OK, this my first comment here.

    Well, I have only 2 onahole including the one on the first picture of this page even if i didn’t order it at first.

    That was in October 2012, i order and receive tjis onahole: Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory Onahole Shibari (i think NLS propose it even if i ordered it on kanojo toys).
    Well, this is a quite good product even if soon, it will be too broken to use it again (yes i know this is not for a lifetime use lol ^^’ )

    In December, i wanted to order the “Hug me !! air pillow”. However, the hug pillow and the onahole have similar packing box (you can see it on NLS) and kanojo toys (who propose the hug pillow only) sent me the onahole.
    With that, i began a quite “epic” adventure.
    I sent them an e-mail talking about this mistake and, 2 or 3 e-mails after that, they sent me the hug pillow for free.

    Yeah that was epic lol
    And here, a just detail it quickly.

    In the nexte comment, my impressions of the onahole and the hug pillow.

    Ah, i am french and my english is quite good so, sorry if you didn’t understand some parts of this comment (even if, that’s not so bad…. for me 😛 ^^’)

    1. ok now, my impressions of the onahole and the hug pillow.
      The onahole is quite better than the “Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory Onahole Shibari”.
      When the “tsurupeta” is curved, the other is straight, a little longer and maybe less breakable.

      Ah and, i don’t know if that mines anything but the tsurupeta is “made in china”.
      The “hug me” air pillow and onahole are both “made in japan”.
      I just read it on the box but i had to find it between kana and kanji lol (however, “made in … ” are clearly read in english).

      As you tried, AkaiHebi, for me too the onahole does not stay in the hug air pillow’s hole, despite i tried it once or twice ^^’
      (other times, i use only the onahole)
      The hug pillow, well, i mainly use it for hugs lol (no i really did it for that and, next time i will blow it, i will do that again ^^ ).
      That is one reason i had to order it. Simply because she (the girl on the pillow) is cute ^^

      Even if this is not the first hug pillow i have but the second.
      The first one was Yudi Yudi and it is looks like “Mekosuji-chan pillow”.
      However, the yudi yudi i order some years ago was in the european edition package.
      Same love pillow but without the onahole (well, the love pillow alone was fine for me).

      But, there were a problem with the hole. A problem i guess for many men with a “ressearc assistant” (as you said AkaiHebi :D) which cannot “act” on a perpendicular position.

      I mean, if there is a line for your body and a line for your “assistant” (lol), in “activity”, my two lines can only be parallels (well in fact, the lines are crossing each other with an acute angle but i think you understand what i mean).

      Well to tell that with a perpendicular hole, i can not do it well but to see (and feel) my “thing” return to a “rest” condition (sorry, i am maybe too shy or not enough “pervert” to say penis, erection and… ah crap i just told it >.< and google trad told me this maybe "hard-on" and not "erection" ah i talked too much lol well, this is quite fun to use other world, despite my low english language knowledge -_-'. well not too low but not perfect either).

      (some minutes later)

      So, my first hug air pillow (categorized in "inflatable love doll" when i bought it), i did not use it many times and, except to test an air pump that i now use to blow my second air pillow (the "Hug me!" one). That is more easy than use my breath, and two fingers to "open" (in fact to pinch) the valve's tip (well where you breath or pump to inflate).
      Thispump is to inflate and deflate the pillow so, it is very convenient.

      Alright, i stop here for now because, i don't see anything else to tell.

      I hope you liked my two comments and have some funs to read it ^^ (the ""you is for anybody who read those comments).

      It is about a month that i deflate my air pillow (the "hug me" one), i have not a huge bed lol

      1. Cute gravatar, dangereusement mignonnes ^.^

        So you got the pillow for free, and you hug it (you perv!). You encountered the same issue because of the almost-180-degrees angle of your phallic organ when it’s awake. And you have a pump that also deflates, which is a good idea by the way (I should find one, having to press the air out for 10 minutes is lame).

        I wouldn’t mind hugging a overcute dakimakura and having sweet dreams with it, but yeah not really cheap, and not quite “family friendly”. Somewhat jealous of Melon pan’s dakimakura army (don’t know him ? You should ^^ epic guy)

        Thanks for the contribution, feel free to come by anytime you want 🙂

        1. Hey, “Akai Hebi” are the japanese words for “red snake”. well i am quite certain for “Akai” but not sure for “Hebi”. I just guess it by seeing your gravatar and knowing some color japanese word ^^

          1. Yep, hebi is snake 🙂 “red snake”, that’s my genitals’ name. And I find it cool since I’m born in the year of the snake.

      2. ah ça va, your french is quite good lol

        Yes i know Melon Pan (i just watch the link video you posted and the video about 2 bad easy breakable onahole that you detailed. and a friend told me about him). What a crazy Deutsch man but so funny ^^ (i know, in english you tell “german”, in french we tell “allemand” however, because the original of germany (in french “Allemagne”) is Deutschland, i told Deutsch man ^^ )
        But damn it, i would like dakimakuras too (well 2 or 3 could be enough… if i don’t fall as deep as him lol).
        I have one but not a 50 X 150cm.

        aaah, there is not manything in “japan-expo” and “paris-manga & sci-fi show” –‘ (those are 2 french manga & anime conventions) except 10 figurines (all nedoroids except one) and some manga anime and doujin, 2 visual novel (include one eroge) that i got.
        Well, figurines and onaholes apart, internet the DDL and torrents are more convenient to get manga (sometimes), anime (often) and visual novel (mainly eroges, part of those are yuri eroges). At least the fansubed ones.

        So yes i am an otaku (since 2007’s end), i have 2 or 3 shelf (euh not sure of the word) with manga and some anime’s DVD but most of i viewed are on my 2 external Hard Disc (well mainly of a 1To HardDisc).
        I am not a figurine collector, there is no many free spots in my room. and i don’t want to make it full.
        For a move, this is not really convenient to have too many things to packaged.

        OK, that was a good modest otaku’s life show lol (modest about goodies (well, even if i have some money, i will not spend all of it for goodies) but not for computer’s audio, video and pictures files).

        Yes, cute gravatar indeed 😉
        My favorite girls, twin sisters (nanami-chan (with blue eyes) and konomi-chan (with green eyes)) from an eroge of “studio ring”, “nanami to konomi no oshiete ABC” if you wanna know ^^
        But that’s so bad, i didn’t find an english (or french) patch for this eroge, and i don’t know enough nihon words to have a japanese talk. ça craint grave T-T (that idiom nearly means “it really sucks” lol)

        Well never mind. I will write other comments if i have someythings to tell 😉
        Hope that was not too long (and too “life show”. if i could tell with those word) ^^’

        au revoir, jya nee, bye ^^

        1. Gnéhéhé j’espère bien qu’il est bon 😀 Mais pour le plus grand plaisir des nombreux américains aux alentours, continuons dans la langue de Shakespeare 😉

          Let’s see.. my bookshelf is rather small, the only manga in it is Death Note (a hell of a good manga, at least). Fansubbed anime, I’ve got close to 1 TB of it (including 70 GB of hentai). Not much otaku, not even a Suzumiya Haruhi poster. Eroge ? No installed game (lack of eroge for Linux anyway), but sometimes a little eroge in Flash doesn’t hurt.

          Of course most of this is unknown by my family (where I’m still living at, “la crise” and all), I don’t want to freak them out. I guess they could get a heart attack if they knew about the onaholes and stuff 😀 I guess the arousing dakimakuras will wait when I’m moving out.

  2. Thanks for saving me money. I was actually considering ordering this. On another note you might want to try this one I got the railgun version since I’m a huge fan of Misaka 🙂 It’s pretty good in my opinion especially the anal side of it. The bumps on both ends are great. (P.S. I’m about the same size so I think it’s good for people in the west.)

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