Saliva Lotion 1000ml (Gleitgel)

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new lubricant review, Saliva Lotion 1000ml (Gleitgel)! Made by Tamatoys!




Nah I’m kidding, that’s not gonna be the introduction 😂. Ahem, ever wondered how a double fellatio saliva would feel like? Wait no more, you can already buy it! Let’s see the packaging.

Well, that’s about it, there is no packaging, just the bottle of lube.


A bottle of lube.


A bottle of lube.

I guess the default onahole review structure isn’t that great for lubricants, but it is what it is 😛. Well, there you have the artwork from upclose, and the sticker on the back.

Alright, that’s cool, I like it when the lube bottle features some sort of erotic drawing, and not just “brand, lube, 300ml.” It has a few pictures of usage, and the artwork again on the back.

It’s a pretty big bottle, a whooping 1000ml, three times more than you average bottle, so this is going to last you for a long time!

Also, I love how it fits just exactly right in my fap drawer!

Not bad, although later on I decided to keep it in my wardrobe, since it is kinda big and I like a lot having a second bottle vertically with a dispenser. Yeah, a dispenser, one of the main features of this lubricant. Well, it’s not a feature of the lube itself, you could always argue that you can buy a lubricant, get a bottle with a dispenser, and pour it there, but let’s be real, you will never do that, it’s just not worth the hassle, also for hygienic reasons I prefer to keep the lube in its original package and sealed the way it was meant to be, since I had bad experiences in the past with mold when storing lube in a different bottle.

The dispenser part is really great. As I mentioned earlier, I have the bottle vertically in my wardrobe, where I keep all my onaholes, so basically I just take one onahole, dispense lube in it, and then go to bed ready to fap, without having to dispense the lubricant there, which I like and I found myself doing it 90% of the times. One thing that it’s true, is that I never use this bottle for big onaholes, like a hip toy or complete torso, due to the shape of the dispenser, it makes it a bit hard to get it in the hole and the bottle it’s too big to move around, so I use a different lubricant for those, I see this one best fit for small pocket pussies, and I’m really loving it.

All that is great, but it all falls down to the lubricant’s feeling… well, I guess a more correct section would be “usefullness”? “Quality”? Unsure, but let’s get right onto it!


This lubricant feels… really good!!

So, when I received the lube home, and I shook it around like in the first video, I was like “Oh no…. oh no…. this is gonna be asssss.”. I thought that, because I’ve bought low viscous lubricant in the past and it was horrible, it felt like water, didn’t lubricate at all, and it always made a huge mess, since it would leak out of the onahole in 0.0001s after pouring it inside. But, to my surprise, the viscosity of this lube is pretty good! It’s a little bit lower that other standard lubricants, but it doesn’t leak out and it does a perfect job at lubrication!

I found myself dispensing 2 times per onahole, sometimes 3, but usually you would want to use the dispenser 2 times and you’re good to go, and I never felt the need for a refill during my fap session.


Cleaning this lube, it’s as easy as any other lube. Even if it doesn’t look very viscous, it doesn’t make a mess, all you need is a few wipes and you’re done.


I found to be one of my favorite lubricants ever, this is the best thing I tried for pocket sized onaholes by far, it’s a really good deal for its price and I would definitely get more when it runs out! Get one 100%.

Saliva Lotion 1000ml (Gleitgel)
  • 10/10
    Appearance - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Sensations - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ dispenser bottle
+ pefect lubrication
+ really good price
– bottle size and shape not great for big toys
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  1. As i see they are gifting this bottle with every purchase on Waifu World.
    I like when the lube makes strings like that. Hope i can decide to buy something there.

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