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PEPEE 360N (Orange Cap)


Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new lubricant review, PEPEE 360N! Made by PEPE!


Here we have another PEPEE lube! One of my favorite lubricant makers, so far the PEPEE lubes are some of the best I’ve tried. Let’s take a look at the bottle.


It’s the typical 360ml bottle, I like it. I believe the bottle is a very important aspect, it should be easy to handle and made so you can quickly refill your onahole in mid-fap. And this bottle does it well because of it’s cap design.

You can easily open it with the thumb finger of the same hand you’re holding it, while your other hand is busy with the action.

That being said, let’s get to the main component, the lube itself.


The lube is pretty good. The viscocity is great, not too low to make a mess on you legs, nor too high to not lubricate well, it’s just perfect. Well, almost perfect, the lube leaves wires, as you can see at the cap photo. You have to shake it a bit so the wire falls to avoid getting a bit of lube like on your arm or something, but it’s not too bad, it just requires a little bit of shaking, not a lot like other lubes I’ve tried.


I’m not sure if there is a difference with the PEPEE 360 Wankers version, I don’t have both right now to try, but I believe they’re quite similar, so anyone you choose would be great.


The cleaning of this lube from both your onahole and your penis is easy, just wipe with a bit of toilet paper or a towel and you’ll be dry in a matter of seconds.



I definetly recommend you this lube, specially if you’re new to onaholes and would like to try your onaholes with a good lube, sometimes a bad lubricant can really give you a bad experience with onaholes, so it’s important your first lube to be a good one.

There are different lubes for everyone, but I believe this would be a great standart.


Author: AnonymousD

Professional fapper. Member of #2dmasterrace. Ask me any questions about the review in the comment box below!

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