Blue Frame – Uminari

Ahoy ye wharf rats!

For once, let’s review something totally different. Introducing the Uminari, a 1:350 model ship from the Blue Frame series, made by Yawaraka Sozai.

Let’s embark and have a cruiser battle at high sea!



Oh. My. Gosh.

You know, lastly the onahole industry did little to blow our minds (we’re still waiting for some robotics or VR stuff), but Yawaraka Sozai is one of those curve balls I didn’t see coming. This new manufacturer launched a surprise attack on the market with it’s first two products in the “Blue Frame” series: Uminari and Amagake. Our friend InfernalMonkey already reviewed the latter, so make sure to check it out too πŸ˜‰

Some backstory thanks to MotsuToys: Yawaraka Sozai is a company created by former Tenga employees. Oh it’s been almost 6 years since I last put my dick in a Tenga toy, gotta take a peek at Air-Tech and Flex products someday. Anyway. It’s no wonder Tenga has little cover on Onahole Review since their products aim at the.. “non-otaku” audience? Which logically led some Tenga employees to a few ideas and so Yawaraka Sozai happened.



Look at the shape of it. It’s rounded armour deflects any cannon shells bow and stern and any airstrike, it’s thicc steel sides can withhold heavy fire, and it’s width makes it very stable even in the middle of a storm, and it’s shallow water penetration makes shooting it with torpedoes very difficult.

Modern version of a Geobukseon (korean turtle ship), the Uminari also doesn’t lack in fire power: two main turrets break in the enemy lines, dozens of medium-size turrets make lead rain onto the targets, and hefty AA guns shred down any hostile aircraft.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING on the box front hints third-parties what’s actually inside the box. And good luck deciphering “pressurized endoskeleton multilayer hole; Blue Frame Type-H LA.7”.  It blends perfectly well in your favourite toybox shelf…

… doesn’t stick out amidst your clothes…

… and can also be in any place where one doesn’t expect a sextoy.

If however you live with people who like model ships, military stuff or Japanese novelty, maybe you shouldn’t put Uminari box on display or they won’t resist the urge to open it, and find the following:


A detailed notice. That’s uncommon enough to be mentioned. It describes the concept, explains it’s a novelty toy, that you should keep it away from reach from people under 18, …  And on the backside it explains how to use the washing stick.

Under the notice, you’ll find a little lube bottle, the washing stick, and the onahole model ship

For the lube it’s pretty nice including a bottle, that should be enough for 2-3 uses. However it tends to dry out faster than my regular Onatsuyu, I had to reapply after 15 minutes or so (and well lubing you should !!)

As for the cleaning stick… I’ll get back to it in the “Cleaning” section.


The Uminari is quite a special onahole, and the partially transparent outer layer allows you to see what’s waiting for you in there: a dark blue “skeleton”.

The onahole is closed-bottom. Upon opening, you notice some smell, which fades away mostly after some time and a few washes. Also: the surface gets somewhat oily. It’s all within acceptable levels, but let’s hope Yawaraka can improve on that.

Time to dive in!


Holy fuck.

One thing’s for sure: Yawaraka goes in deep details with their product!

The internal structure is made in a “soft level 95” material, beginning with an “entrance gate”, a saw-tooth section, a section I fail to describe otherwise than “cup noodle”, a square-ribbed section, and a bottom chamber with bumps.

Overall it looks mechanical, engineered with efficiency in mind and not trying to reproduce a human’s body cavity. True, I’m seeing there a few elements commonly found in Tenga cups.

But let’s mention the blue skeleton. It’s made in hard plastic. And while it’s embedded inside the material, it is noticeable. -VERY noticeable. Right at penetration, you feel the resistance, the squeeze of your dick from below and the sides, the hole’s limited expansion providing pressure around you. And when you slide in, holy fuck. Every single “bone” indirectly brushes your frenulum. And when you poke the bottom, hitting at that plate… uuuuuffff.

Seriously, this is ridiculously intense: I think I hardly felt the internal structures, so much the skeleton scraped my dick (and especially the frenulum). Therefore the emphasis: lube it well, and take it slow.

For me who got a sensitive dick (and wants to keep the sensitivity so I can keep using milder onaholes in my life), that’s over the top too much stimulation. Damn.


The building of the onahole forbids any inside-out turning for cleaning.

So I’m using the regular method water flushing, soaping up inside with fingers, and rinsing.

About the cleaning stick, uh…  yeah sure good idea, but why hard plastic instead of a brush? Because like this it’s not reaching every little crevice, and basically just foams up some soap and allows easier clearing.

And then there’s me, holding my cleaned toy up, and seeing some soap bubbles at the skeleton. And this, well, can’t easily be cleared off without fully immersing the toy and massaging it.

Bonus: promo comic

Bonus: promo video



Oh dear, what an entry on the onahole market. I love the care Yawaraka Sozai puts into their website, and the detailed technical specifications of their products. Even puts G-Project’s marketing back in it’s place.

The front illustration allows Uminari to hide in plain sight, if you put it besides WWII model vehicles and whatnot. Should one regret an anime girl on the packaging as fantasy fuel, the busty apathetic ship lady from the comic can help. This alone is amazing.

The box includes a little bottle of lube to get started right away in the internet cafe or the post office (?), and the cleaning stick can help soap the deepest spots of your onaholes where your fingers can’t reach. However I think a brush could be better than this “honey-spoon” shape.

The material is fairly good, and I feel Yawaraka didn’t resort to the cheapest mixtures to create their toys. That being said, I hope for some improvement with the smell and lightly “oily” touch with their next products so they can really compete against G-Project and ToysHeart.

Uminari really isn’t for the weak of heart, or sensitive of glans, and I’m the latter. Sure the toy brings a lot of pressure around the dick and it’s intensity brings fast to orgasm, but the skeleton focuses a lot of sensation along the frenulum and requires good lubing and careful pace. No it won’t tear the foreskin, but it sometimes can feel like it could happen, which ruins the mindset. More lube!  Mind you, Uminari makes a fun toy to use if you (or your partner) are a sub that needs to go whimpering with the dick fully visible inside the toy.

Uminari’s price varies a lot among shops, I guess depending on availability and Yawaraka’s ability on the wholesale market access. Priced around 3100 JPY on Amazon, considering the complexity of the toy and the included bonuses, that’s excellent!

Blue Frame - Uminari
  • 6.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6.5/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 9.5/10
    Packaging and addons - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ price worthy design
+ tons of marketing material
+ box art
+ amazing concept
+ included cleaning stick
+ quite decent material for newcomer
– intensity overwhelming (to me)
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5 Replies to “Blue Frame – Uminari”

  1. The promo comic looks like it was drawn by Coolkyoushinja, which isn’t a bad thing.

    Cheers for the entertaining review. I was never aware a dishwash was an approved method of onahole sanitation…

    I’ve hovered over these onaholes a few times; re-evaluating my feelings of intimacy towards post-industrial war machines, but ultimately, have never made the purchase.

    La Bocca Della Verita (original) is roughly the top tier of intensity I aim for so I’m still kinda on the shelf.
    In your professional opinion, how accommodating would the ‘skeleton’ be for a max girth around 5.5″-6″ (circumference)?

    1. That’s no problem for the skeleton: the different parts are not fused together πŸ™‚
      So the real limit is the TPE’s elasticity, and that should be fine for that girth.

      1. Cheers bud. There have been a few Onaholes I’ve bought with more optimism than is healthy which have torn after a few uses.

        Looks like I may need to put this on my wishlist for a little light masochism.

  2. Boy… someone took Kantai Collection a little far huh?

    The minute I noticed it was made after a ship, I quickly thought of KanColle

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