Bound Kohai

Little by little, KYO is establishing itself as a noteworthy sextoy maker in the European market. Today, let’s take a look at Bound Kohai, a toy for your oral sex fantasies!



The toy comes in a black box, without any particular illustration aside a “rope” pattern. KYO’s “Bound” line includes the Kohai and the Kukuru. To differentiate between the toys, a red sticker is added for the product. Thus here: Kohai.

“Kohai” ( 後輩 ) means, as you may already know, “student, junior, apprentice”, the protΓ©gΓ© of the Senpai, the mentor.

The sturdy box feels “premium”, a treasure chest one may first think may contain a bondage rope. But not really!


Slide open, and inside you’ll find the toy wrapped in a plastic bag, and held securely in a foam. And, no, it does not include a little rope to bondage your toy with 😒


Bound Kohai is best described as a mouth-type masturbator, featuring a nose and lips in a pink TPE material that extends back, surrounded by a firmer white TPE material holding it in place and creating a “grip” for proper handling, and featuring a breathing hole on the other end.

This breathing hole can be closed with the finger to increase the suction effect during usage, and also allows easier cleaning (serving then as flush hole).

Upon opening, the toy emits a rather significant smell, which takes several washes and some time to fade away.


Open those lips and you immediately notice a range of “teeth” made in a harder plastic, not unlike the Bocca Della Verita (although slightly less hard). Those teeth definitively add to the fun in the fantasy of an inexperienced blowjob, as if your kohai tried their best to make you feel good. Some prefer their toys without the teeth, and thus pluck them out. Whatever floats your boat πŸ˜‰

One more noteworthy feature is a “tongue” piece of soft material, here again adding to the realism when making it twirl around your head. Here also some customization is possible, for example adding a piercing to increase the sensations to the shaft.

Lastly, the mouth cavity is covered in nice feeling ridges, leading to a tighter “throat” complete with little uvula.

So, does it approach the blowjob and deepthroat sensations? Well, it’s narrow mouth cavity and exaggerated roof ridges distances it from the blowjob experience (not to mention warmth), but yeaaah it has a little something of a deepthroat fun even without the distinct throat curve.

The breathing hole allows to add a little bit of suction atop the tightness, but most noticeably you’ll push the lubricant out of it if you poured in excess. Ah and semen too if you cum hard and/or buckets πŸ˜‹ This inconvenience can range anywhere from insignificant to moderate.

It’s definitively not bad a sextoy, it’s sure not common to feel such tightness for a mouth-type masturbator and that’s thanks to it’s dual layer structure. It does the job pretty good and is rich in sensations, experience wise I’m not left unsatisfied. If anything, I’m a bit… torn about something else (see after).


Now thanks to the breathing/flushing hole at the bottom, cleaning becomes significantly easier. Without it, cleaning the deepest parts of that tight toy would prove somewhat of a chore.

As with regular onaholes, simply flush out lubricant and fluids, rub the inside with soap, rinse, pat dry and leave it to rest for full drying.

You can make the external surface smoother with baby powder but the effect is not huge, as-is it’s not ultra sticky. Plus, you wanna keep a firm grip possible.


So, what’s the shadow in the paining, the bug in the matrix, the wrench in the gears? Durability:

Over the course of the 30+ uses, a rip started appearing and spreading through the second layer, below the “chin” part. The inner layer however seems unharmed, so this doesn’t impact performance or impermeability. But still, the constraints are somewhat too much there, a weak point. Aside that, the toy survived the test just fine.

Still, KYO’s entering the big stage of masturbator makers, and with pretty solid arguments. Bound Kohai features a pretty enjoyable dual-layer structure that mimics somewhat the sensations of oral sex, but capitalizing on a tighter cavity and more “hard” sensations than most mouth-type onaholes.

The box aims at a more quality approach, targetted at a wider public than the otaku community, and like all other KYO products without an anime girl illustration. Picture this in the context of a kinky Valentine’s gift.

The non-discounted price of 60 € is actually pretty harsh even for a premium-leaning masturbator of that size, but currently Motsutoys sells it discounted at 30 € and that puts it in direct competition with similarly sized onaholes. And that’s pretty good!

  • 8/10
    Appearance - 8/10
  • 6.4/10
    Sensations - 6.4/10
  • 9.1/10
    Price - 9.1/10


+ dual layer structure
+ tight
+ price
+ nice sensations
+ breathing/flush hole
– no little rope included
– no lube sample included
– durability issue at first grip ring
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