Chokyo Shojo Manami

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A little bonus, bought with the sales commissions thanks to you all ! An interesting onahole made by ARMS.

“Chokyo Shojo Manami”, literally “torture girl Manami”, is probably ARMS’ best onahole as of today. ARMS is more specialized in parody onaholes (like Tamatoys) and meeh-looking stuff, even doing copycats (see Cyclone 50, undeniably copied from Rends A10 Cyclone). In fact, ARMS alone didn’t develop this onahole: it was designed by KanojoToys. But that doesn’t mean KanojoToys applies a decent price for this product. Holy shit πŸ™


They make it clear: they love loli, and their customers too. How could it be any different ? Manami had to be a loli. A tortured loli. Cute yet experienced performer in the art of bondage, the ropes tightly biting in her flesh and supporting all her weight so you can freely swing her around. And a ball-gag is part of it too. Mmmh, what else ? A whip, candle wax maybe, and tickling of her defenseless feet. Notice by the rules of gravity, she’s facing down. But…


the onahole lies flat upwards. Easy explanation, look the rope net design of the onahole: it’s different. Manami got bound differently for your.. missionary. Torture your onahole all you want, that rope design sure is good. Size 17×12 cm and weight 420g. The other side is totally flat, allowing a safe positioning on a table or any other surface for handsfree fun.


So far it’s nice. Just a small complaint about the entrance: some love puffy pussy lips, but for me, grinding around until I’m correctly aligned with the hole.. not totally handsfree.


About material, … not a bad job, I must say. A kind of quality you usually find with Magic Eyes: it seems durable, feels nice to the touch, but has some smell. Just touching like I did on the previous pictures made my hand smell of it. Okay, time to dive in, the internal layer is waiting !


Waaah. It looks more epic than it actually is, sadly. Some ribs crossing here and there, simulating the bondage rope. I expected some more intensity, here I only feel these ribs stroking my glans, and maybe it lacks of some vacuum too. On the good side, tightness is just fine to provide some fun while keeping the onahole in place. Still enough stimulation to milk me out after a couple minutes, when I use it against the shower wall. It’s okay. For cleaning, expect no miracle: you have to put it under water and rub around with your fingers to flush out the remainings. All too easy letting bad stuff grow in those crevices πŸ˜‰

Now, KanojoToys’ price is clearly bloated, the Amazon price in turn is pretty good. NLS can order it specially for you, for around  $ 26.

Overall, I have mixed feelings. The concept is interesting, packaging nice, material decent, price good and easy for fuck-on-the-desk, but the average stimulation, single-use lube bottle and long history of ARMS with avoidable things..  Consider buying if you have a real fetish for loli and bondage πŸ™‚

music track: Radio Noiseville – Tavro 666

Chokyo Shojo Manami
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6 Replies to “Chokyo Shojo Manami”

    1. Oh I’m a bit interested in Tubomi, it was around in the polls for some time…
      EDIT: AnonD will maybe do a review later

  1. Interesting onahole. I really like the art on the box, it looks so hot… tied up, ready to fuck all day, haha. But the onahole looks weird, those bondage ropes around it… it’s just weird, dunno, it doesnt add any stimulation, maybe just extra grip, but that’s it, it’s ugly. The interior looks really beautiful… how is the entrance? Can you feel stimulation at the beginning when you rub the top of your penis with the lips, or it has to be deep inside to feel anything? Also, do you think it’s durable, specially used a lot in dakisex (or hands-free), and washing putting your fingers inside?

    1. No the lips alone don’t give much πŸ™‚ They just.. kinda get in the way.

      On durability maybe the weakness can be the dual layer, like the inner layer detaching at the entrance. I’m not sure I will be using it long enough until weaknesses appear, if there are. I didn’t try dakisex with it πŸ˜€

  2. Pretty nice review: Plenty of information, compact text form, no wishy washy juggling of words. Was a nice read, thanks for doing it. Throwing this thing a reblog, though some people will probably freak out, ‘cuz it’s loli, which they think is about children (it’s not, it’s a fetish for the artstyle and for flat chests). ~ Cheers!

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