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Hello everyone! I’m astakore and I’ll be debuting here with my review of Demon Slayer Nezuko Body, a voluptuous 10Kg hips from Seiraku Toys! The perfect companion to Nezuko’s Mouth.


This product has been kindly sent to me for review by Motsutoys. Well, kind of. The package was originally intended for AnonymousD, but it got lost. They sent him a new one, but eventually the lost package arrived too. Motsutoys then agreed to let him send me the duplicate package for review. Thank you ^^!

Without further ado, let’s get into it.


As usual, the product came inside a discreet, standard cardboard box. The box itself showed no signs of damage, however, the package of the toy itself had a small tear. Nothing out of the ordinary, especially considering that it got lost for months and then resent to a different address.

The art on the box is nice, but nothing too luring for me personally. It features the demon form of Nezuko from Kimetsu no Yaiba. Maybe you’re a big fan of the series maybe it’ll be a plus for you, to be able to indulge in your fantasies.

We also get some pictures of the onahole itself and an X-ray of the internals, showcasing both tunnels and the bone structure that prevents the toy from falling apart.


After opening the box, we find our onahole, nicely wrapped and resting within a plastic container with the perfect shape for later storage.

Wait… wow, the plastic is quite damaged. This package has surely seen some stuff! I imagine you would get it in perfect condition under normal circumstances though, this is a bit of an exceptional case.

And this is all you’ll get, no accessories, no lube packets. I don’t think there’s any need for them anyway, getting a fat 10Kg toy surely is already enough, although getting some extras is always a plus. In any case, don’t forget to grab a bottle of lube (or two!), since you’re definitely gonna need it!


And now let’s unwrap the toy!

It… looks really nice! The shape of the boobs and hips is beautiful, and it’s got a nice, round, grabbable ass. It’s also got good details like the navel, the clavicles and a nice spine line on the back. The labia is also really nice, although it’s not colored, its shape is quite beautiful. Let’s take a closer look at the holes.

The holes have a nice, pinkish red color inside. Really beautiful, quite enticing, I want to go inside! They are quite tight also, I had to apply a fair amount of force to spread them like this, and didn’t even manage to open them up as much as I’d liked.

Honestly, this is one of the prettiest toys I’ve owned, but I do have one critique: the nipples. Let’s take a closer look.

They’re… not bad. Especially if you just see them from a distance. But if you get a bit close, they seem a bit unnatural, as if they were painted on. Their texture is not really what you’d expect from a nipple, it’s a bit too flat. There is also a small manufacturing error on the right nipple, but it’s not a big deal. Compared to the nipples of another big hips onahole from the same maker that I currently own (which I may review in the future 👀), these feel a bit lackluster, although perhaps they’re a bit more eye-catchy. It could come down to personal preference, I for one prefer a more natural look.

But enough about looks! Let’s see how the onahole feels to the touch!

The boobs feel pretty nice to grab. They’re firm enough, but also soft. The nipples are a bit tougher than the rest, so you can really feel them. They’re surely a nice pair for paizuri, if you’re into that! I always like when toys offer different possibilities other than plain vanilla penetration.

The ass also feels quite nice. Fat, round and squishy, very nice to grab and satisfying to slap. Maybe even unnaturally round, given its lack of legs, but the look is personally quite appealing to me.


Now for one of the most important aspects, how do the holes actually feel? Well… I was not particularly impressed. Let’s first take a look at how they react to a dildo going inside of them.

You can notice a few things right away. First of all, the holes are tight. So tight that they push the lube out when you try to push something inside. In fact, they do not only pull the lube out, but also your penis. I’ve never really liked it when onaholes do this, it just makes everything harder and more of a struggle when trying to use them, and it can limit the positions that feel comfortable. Both tunnels behave this way.

You can also notice that the anus has a nice “pop” feature, in the sense that you need to apply quite a fair amount of force, and then your dick pops inside in a sudden motion. I find it quite satisfying and it perfectly simulates how a real anus reacts to insertions.

Now, I found that the holes interact badly with the foreskin, at least in my case. If you’re circumcised you don’t need to worry about this, but for those of us who aren’t, it can be a big deal in some toys. For me it usually is not a problem, but these holes, especially the vagina, really, really like to pull my foreskin up. After just a few thrusts, I find myself having my penis almost completely covered with my foreskin, reducing the quality of the stimulation significantly. There’s always the option to use a cock ring or other means to keep the foreskin pulled down, but it’s always a bit of a hassle. In my case, the issue has not been as prominent with the anal tunnel.

Apart from this, even after circumventing that issue, the stimulation was not that great for me. Even though the holes are tight, the material on the inside is quite soft, and you cannot really feel the textures very well. Some people may like a softer inside like this, but this one is too soft for me. Again, the vagina seems to suffer more from this issue than the rectum. All the times that I’ve used this toy, I’ve ended up cumming in the ass because it stimulates me quite a deal more than the vagina.

The tunnels are also decently long at 15cm each, but to reach the end you’ll need a bit more length since you also need to get past the entrance (especially on the vagina). My pp size didn’t allow me to get all the way in, so I could not reach the small womb region at the end of the vagina. As such, I cannot really assess how it feels. Maybe the stimulation of the tunnel improves if you can actually reach the end.

Below is a video of the toy in usage. You may notice that at some point there’s a cable going inside the vagina, that’s a vibrator! With these toys that offer two holes, I really enjoy inserting a vibrator in one of them and then going inside the other one. It spices up the stimulation in a really nice way, try it out!

⚠️ Warning! Penis shown in the video!

Feeling that ass bounce on your lap is quite nice. The hips also feel really nice to grab with their curvy shape, and the weight surely adds to the realism, although it’s a double-edged sword since it can make it more exhausting, especially if you’re a bit out of shape 😉

You can also see that if I’m not careful, my penis gets bent badly. This is a general issue I’ve had with heavy onaholes, so I don’t think this particular toy is to blame. Perhaps it’s better to use them while laying down, I did also try that position which completely removes the issue. But I do enjoy the cowgirl too much to not attempt it!


As expected from big onaholes of this type, cleaning it is a bit of a hassle. This one is especially challenging too due to how tight the holes are, the pressure there is due to the internal structure, and the length of the tunnels.

There’s many ways you can approach the cleaning, but for these types of onahole I prefer to straight up go take a shower with them. If you’ve got a showerhead with different spray settings, even better, you can a high pressure jet and point it directly towards the holes while you spread them with your other hand. Make sure that water gets to the very end of the tunnels, especially on the vaginal one, since it’s got a small womb which can and will get filled with lube and cum. You should also get some soap inside the holes to ensure a more effective clean. After the holes are done, simply wash the exterior with soap and rinse it out with your shower.

To dry the holes, I recommend using microfiber drying sticks, which you can get from Motsutoys, or you can DIY by using a microfiber towel and a chopstick or similar. Make sure that you reach the deeper parts of the tunnels, leaving them moist is the perfect recipe for bacterial growth. Alternatively, you can also use absorbent paper, but make sure it’s strong enough so that it doesn’t disintegrate all over your toy.


Nezuko Body is a nice toy that offers a more realistic experience compared to smaller onaholes. The beautifully shaped breasts and ass, together with its internal bone structure and 10Kg weight leave room for lots of fun and immersion. Depending on your penis and personal preference, you may have some issues with the stimulation of the holes, especially the vagina. Despite my issues with it, I generally had a good time using it, and it’s surely been an interesting experience as my second big hips/torso onahole. I’d probably choose other toys before this one, but I think it has the potential to be amazing for someone else!

Demon Slayer Nezuko Body
  • 9/10
    Appearance - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Sensations - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ beautifully shaped
+ squishy ass and boobs
+ internal bone structure
+ two holes to choose from
– cleaning and storage
– wants your dick out of the tunnels
– vagina may present stimulation issues
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