Virgin Push

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Virgin Push, an onahole made by RIDE JAPAN.

I was very surprised when I opened the box: the onahole was really small; it looked bigger in the picture, kinda like the advertising pictures for the hamburgers at McDonalds… lol.

Here a pic:


The packaging is ok. Kind of a big box for such a small thing, but it’s fine since it doesn’t change too much the weight (making the shipping cost more or less on some sites). It also comes with a small plastic bag of lube sample, not bad, but I’d prefer a small bottle, the bags get messy.

Although it might look like a cheap bad onahole, especially by its color, reflecting-like material, and not a pretty design, the feeling is pretty good. First, the material feels nice to the touch and no bad smell. It also looks durable enough, I’ve used it around 5 times by now, and it didn’t break anywhere, not even the vulva where most onaholes break.


The inner structure looks simple, just a bunch of waves with the same pattern repeating, but if you look closely, there are 2 types of waves, the big ones that go on the left, right and top, and the smaller ones that go on the bottom.

Surprisingly, this simple structure gives a great feeling. Since the material is soft and strong at the same time, and the ribs are very pronounced, it gives you a great stimulation. Other onaholes that have different structure inside give you different stimulations the deeper you go, this one is always the same one.

The labia has a nice open shape, very good for placing a drop of lubricant to lube the glans of your penis for an easy insertion, many onaholes do not hold well the lube at the labia. It’s also very easy to handle, being so small.

The first downside you can see, is the size. Judging by the material, I’d say people with large penises could use it too, since it does not seem to break easily because it can stretch a lot, but you cannot go too deep. The stimulation is only good for the glans, since you can’t go too deep, even if you try, the stimulation doesn’t change.

Although the small size might look like an inconvenience, it has a bright side, it’s great for cleaning! Just pour water  inside a few times and it’s done. One thing I’d add, when I clean it and after I dumped all the stuff inside, it still feels like a bit sticky inside, and you have to pour water in it a few times more until it feels “clean”, not sure why is that, probably the material inside. It’s also good for travel, easy to hide so you can have your daily fap anywhere you go, haha~.

In conclusion, for an onahole this cheap, I’d say it’s definitely worth it. Great feeling, small, easy to use and clean.

Virgin Push
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


Great for its price.

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12 Replies to “Virgin Push”

  1. Thanks for the info. I have not bought any yet mainly because I have never used PayPal before (nor bought anything from japan to the U.S.) so I am hesitant about using paypal instead of just using my own info. I see that I can buy the smooth loli one from a place called queen cat. Do you know if that is a trust worthy site?

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I will be buying this one to start with. I saw twin tales and though I would love to have a loli shaped one, I am not sure about spending so much for my first one. maybe if I like it more I would get a loli one for my next one, but think I should have more experience first. My other choice that i might get in the future was one I found earlier called “my big brother is a pervert” but since people say it’s small I am not sure, especially since I do not know if it would fit on me.
    by chance do you know of a cheap loli onahole (or mouth) that you would recommend?

    Lastly I currently live in the U.S. and would like to know how shipping works for loli products. Like is it shipped in a box where people won’t know what is inside unless they open it? Also do they say what is inside on the box or are they discreet about it? I really need to know before buying any loli ones since only some of my friends know I like lolis like this and I would like to keep it that way.

    1. We all love lolis <3. Like every other product you buy online, it comes in a discrete packaging, no where on the box there are any sort of drawings, it's just a cardboard box. As I suggested, check out a opening on the boards, I'll help you by linking you:
      Onaholes are quite cheap. 20€ Is a decent price for a medium level onahole. I really recommend getting a good one first, I feel it's important to have a good impression. Since you like lolis and you're worried a bit for the size, I totally recommend this:
      Another review I made. It's tight, stimulating, loli, and cheap enough. Another thing, is very very important that you buy lube, and the best prices you can only find them in japan, outside japan lube is priced as liquid gold… get a bottle of Pepe Wankers 360 (search it at NLS, do not buy Peace's lube). Btw, don't buy a mouth for your first one, they're not very stimulating from my experience.
      I hope I helped with this.

  3. I am new to onaholes and I have never used one nor bought one before, but I am curious about them and would like to try one . Would you recommend this to someone new to onaholes and do you know of a safe site where I can purchase some online? I was thinking J list, but I have heard many bad reviews of that site, so I am looking for a more reliable site.

    1. I’d recommend this and another one for a beginner, so you can get a good experience from onaholes. Get a big one, like secret twin tales or smooth & flat, just look at the item list at the top of the blog and choose one with a good rating. NLS would be the best site to buy stuff, check the boards where people show openings, me included.

  4. I ordered this based on your review and the super cheap price. You weren’t kidding when you said it’s small! It feels pretty good, but the one I got seems defective… The wall where the tunnel ends is extremely thin. The air pressure alone makes the back inflate like a balloon every time I enter and it seems like it will “pop” the next time I use it. Did you have the same problem, or is mine just defective?

    1. Wow, sorry to hear that! The wall where the tunnel ends, I’m not quite sure how it is for me since I don’t really go deep with this toy, for me it’s only good to tease the tip of the penis… but it looked okay for me, maybe your toy is defective, or maybe you just go to deep, or your penis is too big.
      “The air pressure alone makes the back inflate like a balloon”
      I don’t remember this happening to me, maybe your wall is defective, I just tested it with my finger and it’s quite thick, I doubt I could break it with the finger if I wanted to. Try not to go too deep maybe, and thanks for reading!

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        “I don’t remember this happening to me, maybe your wall is defective, I just tested it with my finger and it’s quite thick, I doubt I could break it with the finger if I wanted to.”

        I’m not large and I’m certain I’m not going in too deep. When it “inflates” there is a transparent air-filled bubble on the end. I could easily tear tear through that back wall with one finger, so I’ll just have to assume mine is indeed defective. It was cheap, so I’ll probably get another one with my next order.

  5. Thanks for the review! The writing was mostly to-the-point and pictures informative. I would personally advice to get rid of expressions like “ok” and “haha”. They’re not words, but emotional expressions for chats and text messages.

    Reblogged and tagged – hopefully more people can find your site. 🙂

    1. Thanks, this time I tried to follow your tips, turns out I made a better review now 😀
      I know what you mean, it’s not very “professional”, but I think the “ambient” this blog wants to keep it’s a more friendly-like, being closer to it’s audience, instead of being formal reviews. Unless I get more feedback asking me to not write those expression, I’ll keep using them, but I’ll try not to overdo them 🙂

      1. Personally, I actually like the conversational tone. One of the reasons I like this blog a lot is because the reviews are pretty amusing to read as well as informative. AkaiHebi’s last review, for example, uses various expressions like “mmmh” or “waaah”.

      2. Yes i agree i like it conversational too i mean cmon this is a onaho review blog not an english language exam lol we r all friends here and i think the conversational approach works well in this setting lol i often laugh out loud while reading some of the reviews but am also trying to work out which toys are good for me and which are going to be a waste of money i knowsome companies cater for like realism like the meiki no shumi and some cater for maximum stimulation and then the 3rd type of company iut there ate just con artists trying to trick us into purchasing rubbish cos we cant tell by pictures its rock hard or only 2 inches long haha im now searching through thiusands of possibilitys trying to find a good realistic one i wanted one of thw fuwatoro puni or other super soft ones really as i find real women generally aremt rock hard not thenones that really enjoy a long session anyway lol and unfortunately in the uk motsutoys only has the above 200 priced ones left in stock and i dont know about ordering from another country or using naughtynippon to deliver to england any ideas if its safe at all their website lists either 3 day or 3 week shippong so i guess it depends if they have uk stock or not its a very vague website so i dont know how they operate

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