Ju-C 5 Super Soft

Aaah summer, the beach, the warmth, the rolling sound of the waves, … the pooping seagulls, the sticky sand, the scorching sun, the screaming children, the foot-stabbing urchins,..

From G-Project comes this onahole, bringing you the positive summer mood into your bedroom!

It’s been well over a year since I put my hand onto (and my dick into) a G-Project product, and right from the start things look good!


As box illustration, G-Project picked a girl in swimsuit, holding a buoy. The artist is refeia, who has a Pixiv and a Twitter presence.


Inside the box, we have the usual items with G-Project products:

  • a storage bag
  • a small pack of water-based lubricant (right amount for one use, but water it down a tad if it comes out as a jelly)
  • and the onahole inside a sealed wrap


Let’s dig right in!

Ju-C 5 Super Soft is a closed-ended onahole, 155mm long and weighting 280g. It’s made in the “momochi” TPE material, which feels soft and is very stretchy.

However, upon opening, this translates into a quite strong odor, and quite oily feeling. Both fade away significantly after several washes. The momochi material proves resilient and shows no noticeable damage on the outside after over 30 uses. At the inner layer however, a rip appeared:


As said, Ju-C 5 is a dual-layer onahole. It’s inside features a series of rings, followed by a bumpy narrowing canal, and ended with a vacuum chamber having bigger bumps.

And this design works pretty well, giving a distinct yet soft stimulation onto the glans, and a pretty decent suction. I actually expected a higher intensity, but this onahole keeps the play in calm waters.

Of course simply stroking is not the only use, one can also roll the onahole around the dick to have the bumps stimulate all around the glans, the much lower stimulation of the shaft making for a quite interesting edging tool!

Overall Ju-C 5 Super Soft is -you guess it- a soft and mild onahole, not particularly a must-have in it’s category, but noteworthy still. For more stimulation, the very first Ju-C soft can do better.


The material is pretty stretchy and allows turning the onahole inside-out easily, for complete cleaning. As usual, simply soap it up, rinse, pat dry with a microfiber towel, and allow it to dry completely hole downside.

The softness of the material means it’s surface is somewhat sticky, against this you can apply baby powder to make it smooth.


All in all, G-Project’s Ju-C 5 Super Soft is an average product.

It comes with the usual bonuses, notably the handy storage bag, and the product illustration is very nice. The momochi material, although smelly and sticky out of the box, covers the “soft” aspect perfectly. Durability of it however is lower than expected.

Soft is also the stimulation, light and gentle like you sometimes want it. However it lacks some of the “snug” sensation when wrapped around the penis, the sensations get pretty localized around the glans.

As for the price, I’m not surprised: it’s pretty correct for such a toy.

Ju-C 5 Super Soft
  • 3.4/10
    Sensations - 3.4/10
  • 5.6/10
    Materials - 5.6/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging - 9/10
  • 6.9/10
    Pricing - 6.9/10

Pros / Cons

+ illustration + included storage bag + good price + material softness
– material durability – material smell upon opening – lackluster stimulation
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2 Replies to “Ju-C 5 Super Soft”

  1. A shame about the tearing part. Looks like a pretty solid build from the outside. The Ju-C Puti’s were far more durable. Can you feel your fingers through the material on this one?

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