Nekomimi Maonyan


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My market research has shown that cat girls are pop. Ergo, here´s my review of Nekomimi Maonyan, a cat girl onahole!



The package is sizzling hot. The little kitty girl is tucked into a corner in a classroom, her tight snatch barely contained by her micro-bikini. She´s wet, sweaty and blushing. Seeing your veiny sausage monster, she’s both scared and excited, unable to hide how much her body craves for a good pounding.


Turn the package around, you can see the face she makes when she´s being plowed. There´s even a picture of her when you´re finished, her body marinated in man juice. The pack includes a small sample of specialized onahole lube, good for three rides.



This little kitty is a headless fuck nugget. She’s got the only parts you need of a woman: ass, tits and pussy. The toy is institutional patriarchal misogyny personified. But, is it a good cock milker?



The fuck nugget delivers the emotionally conflicted, sex-hungry cat girl experience: Entering is easy, but having tasted her first dick, she doesn´t wanna let you go: Once deep inside, the entrance grips your shaft tightly. The fear and inexperience of the virginal cat girl makes her tense in the deeper parts. You have to ram it in to fill her up to her uterus opening.


As a hentai porn blogger, I’ve been exposed to the best h-anime and games that have ever been made. My body is desensitized to hell. For this review, I rode my neko nugget 4 times without porn, 2 times with porn. I had a hard time cumming each go, likely due to my extreme desensitization. The poor little neko pussy couldn’t even keep me hard.



The entrance is tight, so juices tend to stay inside. This makes the cleaning a battle. After each ride, I had squeeze and fingerfuck my neko pet for 30 minutes to get the moist out. I don’t have any MacGyver tools for cleaning, nor can I read the Japanese instructions that came with. I have no idea what else I could’ve done to clean this hot pocket. This is something to consider when buying sex toys from Japan: you need to research their maintenance from forums and other unofficial places.

Nekomimi Maonyan
  • 5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 5/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


Final Word As a hardcore serial masturbator and porn producer/consumer, I could not get my rocks off on this tweeny virginal cat girl pussy. My neko pet was too tight-ass a bitch. Bad kitty.

User Review
3.75 (4 votes)

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5 Replies to “Nekomimi Maonyan”

  1. it’s kinda hard to get any insight on the toy with this. I legitimately can’t tell what, if any, of this should actually be considered a review of the toy and not just joking. is the toy really that bad or are you seriously desensitized? both??

  2. Hey! Glad you liked mah review. :9 And “fuck nugget” is an actual fetish I learned about recently. It´s one of the most extreme ones I´ve found, and perhaps the lowest on my list of interests.

    Thanks for the advice on cleaning! :DD


  3. Congrats for your first review! 😀
    I liked it, very funny and short, but it was a little bit “agressive”, stuff like “The fuck nugget” is excessive. I like humor in reviews, but not that type of humor. About the cleaning, I like onaholes that keep all the juice inside, so they don’t make a mess. Later when you are gonna clean it, just stick your two fingers inside, open the whole and finger her a bit, and for drying, use a thin towel or sew yourself finger-gloves out of microfiber cloth (there is a tutorial around, I think I mention it at ikkapara girl review).

    “The toy is institutional patriarchal misogyny personified” 10/10

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