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Holy motherfuck. Using that onahole onahip onatorso feels like reaching a certain milestone. Let’s talk about Kaitai Shinshō, made by the inspired people of Magic Eyes !


Box illustration

With such a huge box, Magic Eyes really could unleash their wildest fantasies, yet on that subject it’s almost amazingly mild !

Because of the size of the box, I had no choice but to take pictures and sharpen them up a little:

Magic Eyes being Magic Eyes, don’t expect them to pick a random name for their products.

The Kaitai Shinsho (“New Text on Anatomy”) is a medical text from the 18th century, a Japanese translation (with Asian influence) of Ontleedkundige Tafelen, a Dutch translation of the German Anatomische Tabellen. Noteworthy is that the source wasn’t exactly translated from Dutch since at that time Japan forbid any contact with western countries. Instead, Sugita Genpaku, Maeno Ryōtaku and Nakagawa Jun’an “reconstructed” the text based on their observations, interpretation and deciphering. This illustrated medical text comes in several volumes, describing the different body parts, skeleton, specific organs and their functions.

The Ancient Greek did start studying the human body, yet the Middle Age pretty much hindered science from significant progress aside from the medical studies in Arabian and Persian empires. So at that point of time, with autopsies getting practiced and better understanding of the body being documented, sharing of knowledge worldwide was paramount. In that, the Kaitai Shinsho was a major step for 18th century ultra-conservative Japan.

Fast-forward 200 years later: Japan is one of world’s leading medical research industry, best-in-class public health warrant, and humanoid robot homeland.

And so, Magic Eyes wants us to discover the insides of that busty girl’s torso. But let’s begin with the insides of the box !

Box content

Plastic tray, plastic wrapping, so far so good.

And that’s the whole content: the onatorso, a little plastic coin to put into the “air exit”, a bottle of powder to keep the toy smooth, and a small pack of lube that’s enough for one use (or maybe two).

Really, for such a toy, Magic Eyes could have included a bottle of lube, a 100 mL bottle of Ubujiru for example.

The onahole outside

2000g, they say ? Well I checked, and indeed mine weights 2032g.

Notable are the large breasts, groping them during the fap is pretty satisfying. Yyyyyeah overall this toy’s shape reminds me of a certain guro manga I once fapped to. Yes it can be disturbing. It hints at what Magic Eyes has maybe in it’s looking glass: realistic sex bots.

For the time being, Kaitai Shinsho reminds us that Magic Eyes is not yet to the stage where their thermoplastic elastomer is odorless. In fact, Kaitai Shinsho has strong smell and it takes quite a washing until it fades away. Don’t be surprised !

The onahole insides and performance

“You have a boner? Relieve yourself in the toy featuring a bone !”

Yeah Magic Eyes made sure that selling point isn’t missed. Below it’s “skin”, it has a hard plastic cage (mimicking the ribcage, pubic bone or something), and inside of it is the vagina hole.

The effects are quite interesting: when inserting, your dick can’t expand the hole very much, which returns a tighter wrapping around you. Somewhat uncomfortable, actually. If you’re used to squeezing the toy to stimulate your penis through the material, then here you’re hitting the bone.

I totally understand the onahole industry wants to try new stuff, but the recent buzz about toys with bone structures got me doubting. And, about Kaitai Shinsho, those doubts get confirmed: I have either too thick of a penis, or there’s something I didn’t understood about the bones. Either way, I’m not convinced ^^

Kaitai Shinsho can of course be used like a handheld onahole (you sitting, and rocking it up and down your dick), but the best -by far- experience is to simply let it rest on the desk or bed or dakimakura, and fucking it. It’s weight prevents it from sliding away, so: hands-free fun !

Small note about the plastic coin: use it ! It will prevent ingoing/outgoing air to make noise, and make sure for some suction effect.


Ow ow ow. Turning it inside-out is right out of question, so in-deep cleaning proves to be a challenge unless you use a sponge-on-a-stick or or the little thingy to clean high glasses, most often I put the shower head in “massage mode” right at the entrance and let the water shoot all remains out from the air/flush hole on top.

Drying is also difficult but since I can do it relatively safely, I just let it rest “pussy downside” and place a small USB fan nearby to “suck out” the moist.

All in all, the effort needed for cleaning is disproportionate to the pleasure you get.

Price / value

Hefty wallet rape ! But again this is a big toy, and compared to silicon dolls it’s still affordable. Such investment needs deep thought. Also watch out for shipping and import fees, as this can totally not be shipped from Japan in SAL Economy. And if you have family or room-mates, well, think of a strategy when asked what’s in that big packet with “figures/doll” as description.

Kaitai Shinshō · Internal Structure of a Moe Body
  • 6.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6.5/10
  • 4/10
    Materials and cleaning - 4/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


+ Innovation: bone structure + Inspiration of the name + Heavy weight great for dakisex + Good sensations
– Difficult to clean/dry – Only 15mL of lube included ?! – Pricey – Strong smell out of the box
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2 Replies to “Kaitai Shinshō · Internal Structure of a Moe Body ~ AkaiHebi”

  1. (best to use some type of then tube ) attract to a sink plop it in an rinse on low pressure

    BTW i hope to see something like this .. but more adult range some day

  2. Also be aware of the poor quality control on this one. The moulding techniques used for this onahole sometimes does not align correctly and you will have gaps between the outer layer bone structure and inner layer creating thin areas that tear easily.

    Also +1 for the cleaning thing this is an absolute nightmare to clean properly.

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