Meiki Eighteen – Dream

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you another onahole review, Meiki Eighteen – Dream, made by Kokos!

MotsuToys sent it to me for a review, so let’s begin!


“Eww 3DPD, no hot pervert hentai loli, 1/69!!!!”, is might what a lot of people would say, I do not find myself very attracted to onaholes that do not have an anime artwork, but I decided to give this one a try! After all, it’s the feeling the most important rather than the box the onahole it’s in. Let’s take a better look at the box!

Looks like a very elegant presentation. This onahole has a very “premium” feeling/effect.
Wow, look at that! English! I was really surprised to finally unbox an onahole which I can understand.

And this is what it looks like when you open the box.

I like the pink inside, not plain un-colored cardboard.

The contents of the box are: the onahole and… the… onahole… not even a plastic bag of lube to try it out… alright.


Well, to be fair, most of us don’t like those plastic bags, they just make a lot of mess, so if you’re not gonna add a bottle, you might as well not add anything.

And here is the onahole out of it’s package.

Wait, it has 1… 2…
7 holes! What a deal!
But only one penetrabable… of course, lol. Still, it’s a fantastic design, I like it a lot, all the lips are very beautiful.
Sorry, I did not remove the talcum powder, but the pussy looks very beautiful. The design of the whole onahole is really good.
Btw, the onahole smells very good! It has a sweet scent, that still persist after washing, I really like it.

And a video!

As you might have noticed from the video, I had trouble opening the insides with one hand, because the onahole is very tight, and that gets us to the feeling.

The feeling it’s pretty good! First, take a look at the inside structure.

d_dream - qrvqervqewrva

It consists of two parts: a very strong and tight spiral, and lot’s of bubbles at the end. The feeling… it’s sort of the same, for me, because unfortunately I can’t reach the bottom very well, but even if I did, perhaps I would not feel it much because of how fuckin’ intense the entrance is! That crazy tornado gives you a very strong stimulation, and quite tight. Being a single layer (not sure why the picture says two layers, it looks one to me…), I doubt the inside could break or even tear a little, it’s twists are very strong and thick. It’s not the type of onahole where the inside is very hard, it still manages to be soft, but it’s not something crazy hard like Lolinco, I couldn’t use that onahole.

A few things to note, I’ve been using this onahole around 5-8 times so far, and not sure if it’s me that something’s weird with my penis, but I cannot ejaculate quite well with this onahole… it feels like I barely shoot the cum, as if the onahole is tightening so much is not letting the cum go out… lol, not sure, but that how it feels, but only when I cum, it’s not like the onahole is strangling you, the feeling is pretty good.

Another thing, is the entrance… while it’s very beautiful and it has open lips for nice lubrication of your glans, entering the onahole can be a bit hard, having to grab your penis and insert it sometimes. You cannot penetrate it if you’re not fully erect, unlike many softer onaholes, and that is something I dislike. I’m not sure if I have some problem with getting erections, but sometimes  my dick is not 100% hard, or sometimes I lose a bit of the erection because the fap-material is boring or whatever. Still, it’s not too bad.d_dream

The material of the onahole feels really good to the touch, it feels closer to real-life skin than other onaholes, I really liked it. As I said before, this onahole really has a “premium feeling” to it, every small detail has been taken care of.

As for cleaning… it’s difficult. The insides are so tight, when drying, reaching the bottom is really annoying, you definetly need a super-thin microfiber towel, and maybe using a pencil or something to touch the bottom, or just try with your finger, it just takes a bit of time.

In conclusion, it’s a great onahole, nice skin-touch feeling, sweet smell, and tight and very stimulating insides, just a bit hard to clean. If you have a large penis, and enjoy very tight feeling, this might be great for you!

Meiki Eighteen - Dream
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


A great onahole, tight and stimulating, but a bit pricey, altough I think it’s quality worth it.

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  1. Now that you have received this, could you try reviewing tomax products, i have only heard good things but still would like to see a review on them.

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