Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole

Kouhais, cuckolds; konnichiwa.

I am The Apologist, the invisible hand manipulating the hentai scene from the shadows. I am a professional hentai blogger, a hustler, the admin of VGhustler, and the most prolific affiliate marketer for my friends at J-LIST.

Recently I got a girlfriend from overseas. In our Skype masturbation sessions, audio is important. She enjoys rocking her clit to the sound of my onaholes. According to her, it’s the same sound that her throat makes when she sucks cock. My newest onahole is my girlfriend’s favorite, ’cause it’s the loudest.

WELCOME, to the Otaku Apologist review of Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole!




Her throat is dry, her feelings bottled up. A brave girl, she hides her fear well. The naked man rod in front of her, her resolve is shaking, but she’s not letting it show. She tells herself “mother needs the money”. Good girl, young and dick-deprived, her hymen is intact. She tries to imagine the protruding flesh hose belongs to her crush at school.

What she doesn’t yet realize is, her career as a whore was set at birth; She was born with a super power.


A young girl, with no imagination for sex, is a dry frigid bitch. Hence, her mother gave her lube.



The material is soft, but perhaps not so stretchy. Compared with other holes my dick has reviewed, like Nekomimi Maonyan, which was like jelly, Gichi Gichi Virgin feels more flesh-like. That’s the point; tricking your genitals so they think it’s a real cunt. The gimmick here, her latent talent, is her two-part inner structure.

Gichi Gichi Virgin’s mutant power is a regenerating hymen. Call the X-men.



Her girl slit is suspiciously wide. Is she REALLY a virgin? Poking deeper, your cock tip hits something. It’s soft, but annoyingly obstinate. While her little lips caress the shaft part lovingly, her deeper cavern gives you shit. What a bitch! Put more strength to it; penetrate, PENETRATE, PENETRATE. You’re in. Oh!

Your battering ram is the first war machine to invade her sacred shrine. Plow her, plunder the loot. As you pull out the troops, the wall mysteriously builds itself back. Oh! Fuck this whore, go again!

And your cock misses, showing a sorry bulge at her stomach. You hit again; another bulge. Fucking hell, DIE BITCH DIE, FUCKING TAKE THE COCK AND CRY – and you’re in again.

With Gichi Gichi Virgin, it’s a cyclical battle of the ages. Like the Empire, she always builds another Death Star. And it’s always so satisfying to make that great one-in-a-million shot, kid.

The feeling on the cock is not that pleasurable. If you want a stroker, there are better holes for it. But if you enjoy it when a cunt fights back, and have a deflowering fetish, the Gichi Gichi Bitch is your whore.



Pour in water, flush out the white men. Check their privilege; They’re dead. Cleaning the pussy grotto is easy, due to the wide opening. Stuff a towel in, eazy. The second floor of the dungeon takes a micro fiber glove – the ordinary towel is too thick. The area you unload your cum in, the deepest part, takes a thorough licking to get the fluids out. Get her cleaned up, her mother is on the door.



Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole
  • 5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 5/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


Fantasy gimmick onahole. Virgin fetish required.

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10 Replies to “Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole”

  1. So basically, if you have a virgin fetish, this is a good stuff and I can pretty much ignore your 5/10 pleasure rating?

    1. The pleasure is complicated to explain, because it’s highly psychological. There are holes that are intense, holes that are tight, this one you have to work to penetrate. It’s a gimmick hole. The resistance she puts up feels really good, like imagine dominating someone. If you just wanna bop a pussy-like sleeve up and down on your penis, like thrust her to the bottom real fast, there are better toys for that.

      I think most people can enjoy Gichi Gichi, but you gotta enjoy deflowering to get the max enjoyment from it.

  2. Oh and what I meant to say with the “high temperature” thing is that it really made me feel super good, like, if the onahole was warmed up by an onahole warmer or hot water, but in a more natural, body-temperature way.

  3. I actually didn’t like this one that much at first, but then i found a way to massage my tip with just the hard womb chamber, it was amazing, it eventually reached a high temperature, but by doing this i eventually split it in half.

    1. “Reached a high temperature and split in half”… What the fuck?? O_o

      That´s interesting though. It really is a gimmicky toy that takes creativity to get pleasure out of. Like, I had runs when I didn’t orgasm at all. Watching porn sometimes seemed more harmful than helpful.

      Like I said, you need a throbbing deflowering fetish to enjoy this hole. You gotta go slow and let your mind indulge in the fantasy. I found myself sometimes fapping twice in a row, because the first orgasm left this restless tingling sensation in my glans. It was like my male instinct to impregnate kicked in.

      1. Oh no, I didn’t mean to imply that the heat split it in half, my bad, poorly explained. I was pressing and rotating the womb chamber in such ways that it eventually started to split open (only the chamber not the whole thing) and after that i stopped liking the onahole. And when I say “eventually” I mean in a matter of days, no more than 4 day, so please refrain from doing this.

        in my opinion the toy is really hard to use because of the womb chamber, can’t really do the jacking motion cause the womb is more solid so you need to “aim it”, and even then it felt so rough to go from soft to hard textures, so yeah, gotta find a way to play with the top. I personally wish I had gotten something else, but it’s probably because it was my first “hard” toy, and the hard part was used in a kinda awkard way, so im willing to give another hard version a try, but can’t think of one. I was thinking virgin admission HARD, but I’m kinda afraid it might not even be usable given that’s it’s super tight AND hard, but yeah, that’s my not-so-in-depth review, I hope I was able to apport more points for people trying to purchase an onahole.

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