My student

My student

So, you sickos like to fuck your teacher ? Why not the other way around: fuck your students while you are the teacher ? Be happy: ToysHeart thought of you.

Special order with NLS ^.^ Well let’s pilfer pics from Amazon and official website.


I approve ToysHeart’s chibi girls. Ok you know the sound: ribs, bumps and vacuum. Should be ok, right ?


(this means it’s  tight with low stimulation)

Indeed, it’s tight with low stimulation. I was expecting something more… soft. Hell it’s even less flexible than Super V. At least the entrance’s better.

But dear Jesus above us, more than once I had to check if there was enough lube inside, so tight and hard it is. Things went better when I double-checked all air was out before entering, and then it was a pretty good experience. If Japanese describe it as “tight”, well you can expect something narrow and resistant as a virgin student’s pussy. Oh~ it’s all about that ! Well done.

Hey look closely and the provided “okazu”:



Looks similar or….  no, it’s just me. ToysHeart is known to have no shame to do loli onaholes: if she really was based on Tomoka (Ro-Kyu Bu), it wouldn’t be a G-cup breasted schoolgirl in serafuku.

Like it mild and tight ? Go for this pocket pussy. Now that I’m more confident with it, I enjoy it ^^

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