Prinz Eugen 5KG

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Prinz Eugen 5KG! Made by Seiraku Toys!


“I wanna fuck a 16K ton heavy ship!!!!” -is what every Azur Lane fan would say, and well, I guess we all do if they’re shaped into a beautiful anime girl 🥰

I haven’t played Azur Lane but I know it is one of the most popular gacha games out there, so I’m sure Prinz Eugen has many fans, which now have the chance to stick it inside her! 😁

Let’s see what a battle shipussy looks like! (I’m sorry)


First, the packaging.

Nice artwork! A shame it comes with censorship, but it is what it is with these things. Nonetheless, looks very nice.

Yes!! An SR ⭐ Onahole pull!

Two artworks and pictures of the onahole and the tunnels, with measurements, a solid box design.

And the interior is solid as well, they’ve used that hard plastic assuring the onahole won’t move anywhere.


So the contents are: the onahole. No bottle of lube, which considering this toy is in the pricey range, it’s kinda of a disappointment, it would have been a nice addition. Well, don’t forget to grab a bottle or two!


And here a few pics of that heavy battleship!

This onahole is very nicely shaped. The pussy lips are not my style, but they have definition, also they used a very light pink tone for the lips and the interiors, which is a nice touch. I wish the coloring was a little more aggresive to make them stand out, but it is fine like this.

It’s a 5 Kg onahole, and within the “large size” onaholes, I’d say it is a medium tier, not too large and heavy, not too small and non-immersive, just right.

You probably noticed this onahole features 4 holes instead of 2. Well, the ones on the top are not really for penetration, they’re meant to let the air out. I think I also saw somewhere where you could put inside 2 vibrators, which I doubt it would have a big effect, but you could try I guess.

Let’s talk about the hole gimmick of this toy. It’s… not great. It does help a little to tighten the tunnel around I guess, but I don’t think it is really noticeable. Instead, these holes are more of a pain than a feature. One thing you need to take in mind, is that when you’re using this onahole in cowgirl position, those holes make A LOT of noise. If you’re concerned about making noise, this toy is definitely not for you. I’ve found a semi-fix where you could stuff them with tissues to deafen the noise, but you have to do that everytime you use the toy, and then remove them. Also, when cleaning, if you forget to dry the insides of the holes, which is another pain since it’s just extra work, the holes will end up smelling bad like how it happened with mine since I forgot (I didn’t bother lol) to dry them. Also when moving it around, unexpected water can fall from those holes and make a mess on your sheets.

So, yeah, I’m not a fan of the holes on the top, but how about the holes on the bottom?


This onahole feels… great!

Two tunnels, anal, and vaginal. I’ll be brief with the anal one, to get it out of the way. As usual with dual-hole’d onaholes, it is very bland. It’s ok for changing up sometimes, but it’s not really that great.

Well, with that anus out of the way, let’s talk about the main entrance to the ship.

The pussy does feel pretty good. The entrance feels a bit like a ring around the tip, and then the rest of the inside feels like a soft embrace. This onahole it’s not the high-stimulation type, it feels soft and it doesn’t squeeze much. A small complaint about the tunnel I have is that it is a bit loose, where you would use the top holes gimmick for that I guess.

The main strong point of this onahole is that it is super squishy. The material is firm, but you can squeeze it soooo much, it is very fun. The way it jumps on your lamp is great, a straight tunnel without complications and a very soft landing, you can go wild with it, I have a lot of fun smashing it against my crotch.

I just i wish the torso part, where you grab it, was like 2/3 cm taller, it feel juuuuust a little short for the perfect grip.


Cleaning, as I mentioned earlier, is a bit of the pain due to the 4 holes. If you decide to end up ignoring the top holes, it’s one of the easiest large-sized onahole to clean, since the insides stretch a lot and its round and small shape allows it to fit under most sinks. To clean it, pour water inside, remove the fluids helping with your fingers, then pour soap, clean with your fingers and flush. Then dry with a small microfiber towel the insides, and a regular towel to clean the outside.


In conclusion, it is one of my favorite hip toys for when I don’t wanna grab a very huge one, but something “small” for an easy and quick cowgirl style fap, for which this toy excels at. The downsides are, that the stimulation is not very strong, the price is a bit high, and it makes a lot of noise.

Prinz Eugen 5KG
  • 9/10
    Appearance - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Sensations - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


+ great box design
+ good size and easy to handle
+ very squeezable
+ feels good and it’s fun to play with
– price is a bit high
– a pain to clean
– hole stimulation is not strong
– makes a ton of noise
User Review
7/10 (3 votes)

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