Neotenic Fairy

The idea that stands behind the Neotenic Fairy is actually based on a boiled egg, implying a smooth and hard outside featuring a very soft and jelly-like inside. The HANJUKU ! (Half Mature) from EXE is based on the same concept.

Magic Eyes decided to give it a try too with this new hip so let’s check it out thoroughly in this review =)


What a cute girl, this artwork is full of MOE power ! *KYUN*

I love this evolution chart, we now have the proof that LOLIS are the last form of humanity !

Nice information board about the measurments

More inner details…

The back…. stripes on background reminds me of shimapan LOL

Quite a complex structure, 3 layer of material with a tiny womb at the end

The illustration of the box itself is very nice. Colorful with nice detailed pictures of the product and a cute anime girl on the front cover. I particularly love her pose, mostly the lower part of her body with those pure white thigh-high squishing her upper thighs in an amazing zettai-ryouiki ! This is a big fetish of mine and of most of otakus I guess…

Then the view on that cute pair of panties is yet an other story… so cute !

However the material used for the box is a very soft cardboard so it’s extremely fragile. I tore the corner of mine after a few days only and since I always like to keep my product inside their own original packaging, it was quite disappointing.

A first one in underwear…

… and a second one with apparent tits !


Here is a very nice gift from Magic Eyes. Once you open the box, you’ll be surprised to find an other few artwork of the same girl displayed on the front cover. Actually, it’s an evolving artwork ~ you’ll have two pieces of cardboard covering the product, and each of them will be showing her in a different state. The more the scene evolves, the more she gets undressed. Simple and awesome right ? =)

I found this idea really nice, since we get to see her in her underwears but also half naked with her tasty pinkish tits in full sight.


Very safely wrapped

Plastic, plastic, more plastic !

Shitty sample of lube = useless

Regarding the inner packing, it’s definitely top-tier standard. It comes in a hard plastic case with a sample of lube, the whole set being carefully wrapped in a plastic bag. Safety truly is a priority for Magic Eyes, and that’s awesome.

The lube is shit though, like usual. So I just threw it away and used an other great lubricant instead, like the Ubujiru Aroma Rose.

Very nice curves and proportions

Perfectly round buttocks

I love her tummy with that cute belly-button !

The red jelly is VERY squishy

The pussy entrance looks very nice

From the back…

The hip itself is very unique in its build. On the outside it feels very firm while being smooth to the touch, then the entier inside are made in a sort of red jelly-like materal which is very soft. The third and last layer of material would actually by the vaginal walls which are made in a pinkish layer, a bit firmer than the red jelly in to order to improve the sensations.

In terms of dimension, it’s barely 2Kg so still quite heavy without being too much to the point that using it becomes more annoying than anything. It’s just perfect for me, hips are 2-3Kg are really ideal because cleaning them wont be too much of a hassle. Also I personnaly didn’t have trouble with the inner length, I could see my glans touching the bottom when cumming but that was it, it didn’t tore the back or annything since the jelly structure is very squishy and it can expands a lot without any trouble.

Fingering her pussy feels awesome

Grabing that ass while pounding her feels incredibly good


Love that V cunny shape ! It’s very similar to Mikan and most of 2D girl’s crotch

The look itself is really good, I love the molding of the front side with the tummy since it feels like they truly achieved to reproduce quite some details with the belly button and labia. It also looks like we can see some sort of abdominal muscles which makes it looks more realistic.

Overall, some valuable points on this part.


The feeling of this onahip is really unique and even though I haven’t tested it myself, I think it’s really close to what the HANJUKU ! (Half Mature) might feels like. Actually, it’s not too stimulating but more on the average side, which does not bother me at all. To appreciate this hole, you have to go slow and take your time discovering her insides.

The main goal of large toys is long play after all.

In regards to the “boiled-egg” theme, it’s definitely something I never experienced before and I was honestly highly praised with this new sensation. The huge difference of feeling and firmness between the two materials really brings something new and unique. Plus, this hip allows a great control over your climax due to its rather soft stimulation, so it’s even better to make the pleasure grow gradually before cumming buckets deep inside the womb.

And that’s actually the key to enjoy it, going slow. My very first time was disatrous because I rushed things. Now when I’m using it, I take like 2-3 doujinshi to read + at least a whole hentai anime so that my fapping session last more than an hour and that’s when the toys feels the best !

I had some fantastic climax with this girl that I never had before with any other product simply because it brings just the right amount of stimulation.

In structure details, well nothing too fanzy but it gets the job done. The whole inner tunnel is made out of ribs and then at the bottom there is a sort of tiny cervix. However, besides bringing some stronger vacuum, you can’t “feel” it when your glans is rubbing against it, nor getting inside. At least, I couldn’t.

The entrance part is an other great part of this toy. As you can see on the promotional pictures, there are actually 2 labia. Why would they do this will you ask ? Of course to enhance the stimulation on an other part of the penis.

Actually you can get through the first labia very easily, but then the second one is much more firm and it clings on your dick like crazy once you are trusting inside. It kinda feels like a cock-ring rubbing your crotch up and down at a regular path. This was really something new to me, a rather gentle stimulation on the glans with a stronger one at the base of the penis… at first it was a bit surprising but now I truly enjoy it !


If I consider most of the onahip I’ve already tried, this one is far easier to wash. First off due to it’s rather compact size, but also due to the weight being rather easy to manipulate with a single hand under the watertap. Then it’s always the same trick anyway, put one or two finger inside the pussy and rub all the juices out. Done, then rince it properly with tepid clean water. To finish patting it dry with a microfiber towel is highly recommended, insist on the bottom of the vagina were the cervix stands. Due to its shape and its volume, mine oftently got water stuck in there which could grow mold if not carefully dried.

Applying baby powder is optionnal if you want the surface to be smooth, clean and non-sticky.


In short, I found this hip really interesting. Sensations are quite different from what I’m used to see with that soft inner structure which makes it feels like you’re fucking a chamallow coupled to that hard stimulation from the labia on the base of the penis. Durability seems fine to me, over the time I just got a few tears on the entrance lips but nothing too bad. I guess it’s probably due to the lack of elasticity from the outer layer.

In terms of size comparaison, the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 would be a good match even though it has a stronger stimulation than the Neotenic Fairy and is quite different on a lot of point (doggy-style shaped, double tunnel, exit hole…)

Neotenic Fairy
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ Great artwork + Interesting box system + Nice molding + Interesting boiled-egg structure + Feels good for long play + Not too annoying to handle and wash due to the small size + Great ‘labia’ suction
– Packaging is really fragile – A bit annoying to dry around the womb – Labia tore easily due to a lack of elasticity
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9 Replies to “Neotenic Fairy”

  1. I got the Gokusai Uterus before this. Despite the design failure causing poor durability I was quite happy with the womb design, so it really suprise me when I discover my Neotenic Fairy have defact womb (which I didn’t noticed during first use but the first cleaning where a piece of material fall off) But overall it is still a pretty decent onahole and I’m okay with that failed moulding.

  2. Hey Cr4zyDuck,
    How does the Neotenic Fairy compare to the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo regular.ver?
    I already own the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo and love it but it seems like she won’t last to long.
    This one looks interesting but if its not as great I might just re-order the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo again :p

  3. These uterus models Magic Eyes have launched have really caught my eyes. I’d really like to hear you guy’s thoughts on the GOKUSAI Uterus too.

  4. Same issue I had with HANJUKU; it basically tore from her V to her A, sadly.

    The inner material is great on these things, but the outer leaves much to be desired.

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