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And here’s a bottle of lube, from Rends 🙂

That is pretty much your standard lube, like Onatsuyu. Odorless and tasteless, medium stickiness and just fine in most cases, NLS didn’t lie.

It’s a 360 mL bottle. In terms of improvement, there’s little that can be done to make the lube better (maybe make it last a bit more before water dries out), but there’s some ideas for the bottle: “clip” opening like Pepee lotions or Lovely girl's drool instead of a “screw-cap” (if you see what I mean). Onatsuyu also has a screw-cap, but you don’t have to turn that much to open/close 🙂 Figure out this situation: your left hand is holding the onahole, the onahole is wrapping your dick, and if you let loose then the onahole “pops away”, that’s why you want to handle the lube bottle with only your right hand, and screw-caps make it…  difficult, at most. But in case of Pepee bottles, you hold the bottle, and with your thumb you can “pop” the cap open easily. That’s convenient.

While of course I can use the Finish & Sleep lube pump, yeah 🙂 Reminds me I still have some in stock.. Reminds me: this lube resists a bit against water, you have to rub a bit longer to wash the lube away. Makes the usage better but the cleaning a bit harder.

57.88 mL / $ that’s a pretty aggressive quantity/price ratio, there’s hardly any better available on NLS.


Author: AkaiHebi

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  1. The problem with buying lube from NLS is the wight tho. The lube itself is pretty cheap, but it would cost about 20 USD just to ship, which increase the price dramatically. But there is no where I can find this kind of lube locally…

  2. Im thinking of buying this from NLS for anal play, but well, choices, and limited budget. Which one do you recommend, between this, pepe, and finish and sleep?

    • AkaiHebi

      For anal play ? Definitively Peaces or Pepe. If you don’t mind the screw cap, you take Peaces. If you rather prefer the “pop up” cap, Pepe.

  3. Between this and Pepe, are they exactly the same in material composition? I’m kinda confused which one to get, or maybe I should just go with the “thicker” Pepe variant: http://en-nls.com/pict1-17522

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