Ona Pit


You remember TENGA’s eggs ? Well, the idea inspired many people, including ToysHeart.

It’s this:


And it can do this:


You get it, right ? Little stimulation enhancer, not meant to be lifelike or sucking your balls empty.

If I compare to TENGA’s eggs, Ona Pit covers a bit more and it’s form permits a better vacuum effect when stroking, the material is a little more firm and so it’s less efficient for stroking. Oh feel free to rotate it.

What you have here is a cheap tool for manual masturbation, to increase the stimulation and provide a barrier so you don’t shoot your stuff all over the place. Of course you can wash it and use it again, and again, and again..  and because it’s easy to put in your pocket, it makes a good companion to bring into the family’s bathroom when you want to take a shower with a “little extra”.

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Author: AkaiHebi

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