After , , and plenty of other stuff, G-Project just had to do their own little “penis hats”. Version 1 and 2 are a bit older, not really special. I got version 3 and 4. So… version 3 is “vacuum suction” ? […] Read More

Ona Pit

You remember TENGA’s eggs ? Well, the idea inspired many people, including ToysHeart. It’s this: And it can do this: You get it, right ? Little stimulation enhancer, not meant to be lifelike or sucking your balls empty. If I […] Read More

Tenga Egg

Just wanna a really compact one, to carry around ? No problem, Tenga got disposable holes for this: the Egg series ! And there are so fucking many of them, they even release special editions, like for Christmas or Valentine’s […] Read More