Onaho Fairy

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Edit: the post has been updated with the new packaging. Here is the previous one:

Onaho Fairy

In two months of now ToysHeart will release a limited edition: nothing new, except the illustration (don’t blame them too much, it was voted on Twitter). Oh don’t worry, Onaho Fairy is already quite successful.


So far so good, you found a fairy somehow, it’s ~25 cm long, you came to the conclusion that it’s biting and struggling too much when you do what’s showed just above and so you chop it’s head off, and tear it’s arms, wings and legs off. Remaining is a 14.5 cm long… fairy corpse. And somehow, you enjoy ramming your penis inside up to where normally the heart is. Did I just disgust you ?

Just kiddin’, on the pics it looks not so painful and the fairy doesn’t seem to struggle. No animal torture involved, just your imagination.

Back to the toy itself.


A ribby first part, a contraction, and a chamber. Not that easy to push all the air out, therefor low vacuum effect. While stroking it makes a nice sound. Oh, another thing: the ribs: they’re not completely smooth. It’s slightly rough, how to say… the surface has very little pikes that enforce the stimulation.


Gently up and down, that’s right. Yep I didn’t mention the breasts with cute nipples. The way NLS does, that’s good: stroking while playing with the nipples using the thumb.

Overall interesting and cute and all, but as you can expect the stimulation remains medium. I guess getting it 10 $ down would be good. “Safe skin” TPE it is, very great texture, flexible, can be quite easily turned inside-out for cleaning, nothing special to notice afterwards. ToysHeart, perverting humans and fairies since 1999.

Onaho Fairy
  • 7.9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7.9/10
  • 8.3/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8.3/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 6.1/10
    Price - 6.1/10


Fairy-lovers gonna love. And other people too. Good !

User Review
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13 Replies to “Onaho Fairy”

  1. So I just got one, and after 3 uses I have some questions; seeing as this is my first time using any kind of toy.
    I’m not sure if it’s that I’m too thick for the toy, or I’m just inserting/holding the onahole wrong. If I compare it to the video, I’m not as long as the dildo used, but I definitely seem wider? I ask because even though I enjoy this a lot, I’m still wondering if I’m messing something up. I try and follow the “diagrams” on the box showing I should lube, squeeze, insert, then I think speed it? My Japanese is pretty nonexistent.
    Thanks for your time though, your review was a big reason I got this as my first.

  2. This got a very high score but the review is older. I was curious if you still feel it warrants such a high rating?


    1. The “bar ratings” seem still applicable to me, but for the overall I’d set a 80-85% now 😉

  3. I’ve just got mine, it’s a really cute, sexy little fairy body. A pleasure just to fondle it :), those nice little tits and the round butt. The “safe skin” material became instantly my favourite as well. As an onahole it is more like a toy for the anime/hentai fans – like me ;). A bit short and plain in design, but the cute body and the material balance out these slight shortcomings.

  4. Lol, what do you mean that now you dare the post? The pics? You posted them as well in the previous post o.O
    Anyway, nice review, this one is going to be in my wishlist :D. The next onahole I’d like to buy is “Secret Twin Tales
    (Sana Sasakura)”, looks very good *¬* http://en-nls.com/pict1-26132?c2=9999 , I hope you can make a review of it 😀

    1. Well yeah, but now I not just only post a link to it from the ToysHeart website, but really hosting it here ^^

      I had an eye on the Secret Twin Tales too (bundled with a bag and panties and powder that’s quite awesome) but it didn’t make it to the order. Not sure if I will consider it for a future order, in summer or so. A good 5 dollar price down on NLS could help.


      But anyway if you want to post a review, I’ll add it 🙂

      1. Oh wow, 18,5€, that is way cheaper! And if the shipping does not cost too much, it would be great to order from amazon, but the whole page is in japanese T.T … maybe I can try searching the product in the english version? At NLS costs 25€ + 15€ for shipping = 40€, that is a little bit expensive :S

        1. Give up any hope to find this anywhere else than Amazon JP ^^ There are shipping services like Tenso, but you quickly loose the benefit of the price because of the fees.. and the DHL shipping (not counting possible import fees at customs).

          Maybe, if you gently ask NLS,… ^^

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