OreImo Deluxe Parody Onahole

Tamatoys with one of their many parody onaholes, here “Kirino”. Better than this one ?

First, short reminder: parody onaholes are very often deceiving, sometimes even dangerous. “Can’t Be This Tight” is an exception, being a parody onahole series but well conceived and correct materials that still sells well. But it is made by A-one, while I knew about Outvision toys (Haru Nyan mini), but so far I never got a Tamatoys’ toy. That’s understandable: Tamatoys almost only makes parodies. OreImo Deluxe for example. Got it.

Lack of pics on J-List/Amazon, shameless GET from Google Images.

You see, Tamatoys spends not much into engineering (their toys are very similar both outside and inside), their market share is then made from the packaging. The toy comes with a little bottle of lotion, close as good as Onatsuyu. The packaging features a naked Kirino exposing her genitals. Cute, arousing. And “original-like” enough to make the original creators a bit mad, but whatever… I’m not sure any other series got as much parodies and fanfictions.

Now comes the central question: how does it feel ? Deceiving, I say. Because it isn’t made of “cyberskin” TPE or any material close as good, what could have been interesting internal structures isn’t felt much. Could have been like Transfer Student, but no. Overall it’s not so bad engineered, but the material just doesn’t fit my expectations 🙂 You can try use another lube (a Finish & Sleep Lotion), but that doesn’t help much. Ah, one more thing: “splash” noise, a closed door may not be enough. Not firm and tight enough, not very handy, looks and feels cheap (while the price isn’t actually “cheap”).

Oh by the way, you saw J-List’s price: they profit quite much on it, huh ? Therefor, if you want it, ask NLS to get it for you.

The cleaning process is somewhat made harder because of the material (once again): not stiff enough, turning it inside-out requires some handwork and fingers put deep (if you got Bubble Shake or C-moon, you know what I mean).

Well, I guess that was the first and last item by Tamatoys I laid my hands on. Not all otaku buy everything depicting anything 🙂

OreImo Deluxe Parody Onahole
  • 4.3/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4.3/10
  • 2.1/10
    Materials and cleaning - 2.1/10
  • 8.8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8.8/10
  • 1/10
    Price - 1/10


Yet another Kirino stuff, but this time deceiving

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10 Replies to “OreImo Deluxe Parody Onahole”

  1. So, I am quite curious for sometime, how do they price onaholes? I can see the “My Sister Can’t Be This Tight” at 7$ yet these cost 20$-40$.

    Also, what does parody onahole mean? How is this a “parody”…?

    If you could answer I’d be grateful, thank you.

    1. Maybe it’s because the “Can’t be this tight” is older, is made in China and/or with cheaper materials.. makers are different too, Outvision vs. Tamatoys. Tamatoys is known to target otakus and they quite make a big benefit on them. And if you look close, the onaholes are actually very similar: only the packaging changes.

      Parody: it’s depicting Kirino and her friends from the anime “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai” (don’t make me repeat it haha), aka “No way my younger sister can be this cute” or shorter “Oreimo”.

      BUT: you normally have to pay a license to use somebody else’s work, which Outvision or Tamatoys didn’t do (because there’s no way the original creator of the manga allows this kind of stuff -even if I’m not sure). Therefor, one should consider that it’s a “pure coincidence” that the onahole illustration looks like a character from an anime. Or something like that 😀

      1. Oh, I get it, so it’s basically a rip-off :D. I’m an “otaku” myself, I was just curious because I do not buy any Anime/Anime Content, I’ve only brought an onahole as a challenge (The “My Sister Can’t Be This Tight” one, because it was cheap, Kirino’s to be specific).

        So, basically, it’s always a parody onahole if it depicts Anime, okay. Just call it “Oreimo”, nobody likes the full name.

        I get it, it’s all branding, material cost etc. I wanted to ask about Amazon JP though, is there any way I can buy from there if I’m from anywhere other than Japan?

        1. You have 3 options 🙂

          1: move to Japan (if the onaholes can’t come to you, come to the onaholes)
          2: use a postal redirection like Tenso (which adds up fees)
          3: ask NLS before paying the order if they can get an unlisted product for you

      1. About $15 for 500g ($25 for 1kg) using their airmail option. Technically NLS’s e-packet option is quite competitive as well but even then, Seventeen Bordeaux would cost me $25 to ship.

        Then again, Jlist doesn’t even stock this onahole so sometimes there is no option. NLS calculate the weight of items and include packing weight as well which also contributes to increased shipping cost. It’s an awesome store though and it’s clear that Jlist make a huge profit especially from those who live in US and Europe where shipping is cheaper.

  2. For a lot of people shipping from NLS is not an option because it is so expensive. Jlist have far more affordable shipping costs to people in 3rd world countries. Just giving credit where it’s due 🙂

    1. 🙂


      Well I can’t confirm for zone 4 countries (South Africa and South America are most expensive), but for zone 3 (Europa) we have:

      NLS: e-packet up to 500g: 10.91 $
      NLS: EMS up to 600g: 21.82 $

      Ah: zone 4 with NLS, that’s roughly 4 $ more shipping.

      J-List (1 item): SAL economy: 6.82 $
      J-List (1 item): airmail: 10.24 $
      J-List (1 item): EMS: 21.18 $

      For 1 item J-List may be cheaper in the end (depends on how much money they make from the item itself). But they’re clearly beaten when it comes to collecting up to 500g since J-List doesn’t charge a fixed shipping per weight level unlike NLS 🙂

      Talking about THIS onahole, I think I got an easy 20% off getting it through NLS instead of J-List. Worth considering ^^

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