Pero x 2 Onaho 3rd

Hey guys, introducing another PPP creation: Pero x2 onaho 3rd !


Oh okay NLS made a little mistake in the name, putting “x3” instead of “x2”. This is a kinda cryptic name indeed. Oh well. Packaging !

As you may already know, PPP makes onaholes in collaboration with eroge studios, so players can dive a bit deeper into their fantasies. Pero x2 Onaho 3rd is based on a character of Pero Pero Saimin (γƒšγƒ­γƒšγƒ­ε‚¬ηœ  – “licking hypnosis”). Note: ε‚¬ηœ θ‘“ “saimin jutsu” simply means “hypnosis”. I’ll come back to that later πŸ™‚

And yeah you notice a code on the inside of the box, I couldn’t figure out what to do with it (maybe a wallpaper download) so hey grab it and feel free to tell me in comments what you receive with that code πŸ™‚ CG21DDhNAG9iexCQ


I didn’t dig much into that eroge, but I get the feeling it’s about hypnosis rape ? To hypnotize girls and have them obey your sexual commands ? Doesn’t float my boat. Moving on !

The covergirl in skirt and knee-socks visibly isn’t at ease there, she’s embarrassed, her legs are spread open, revealing pixels in a different color, and supported by her arms a quite bouncy pair of boobs. She kind of.. prevents her skirt from falling off ? I think the eroge should give more details on what’s going on exactly. Let’s talk onahole !


120 mL bottle of lube, this one is pretty good ! The onahole has a nice shape, it’s real handy and easy to hold. More visuals:

The box tells us it was made in PRC (China). Malus point for you PPP, please have this done in Japan, it’s already expensive enough to still have a margin.

The onahole entrance got me a bit uneasy, but it resisted quite well to my attacks and didn’t tear (more) open. It’s really easy to penetrate the onahole, with this large welcoming chamber at the entrance. But then just after, it gets tight. Quite tight. Not as tight as Virgin Age Admission but it’s fun because the stimulation is somewhat similar. It clings to you and tries to push you out, there’s no vacuum to keep you inside. All the structure is trying to force you out.

The material is pretty thick, you don’t have much control with your hand -and that’s great, the extra padding on this dual-layer onahole keeps the insides in place, reinforcing the battle against your almost bullied dick. Also to note: all around the outer layer are kanji embedded inside, they simply are 催, 眠 and θ‘“: together it’s the “hypnosis” mentioned before. Yeah right each single in Google Translate gave me “sleep”, “surgery” and “organizers”, which got me into some thinking.


Yet, again, the lack of suction and vacuum is a downside to me. It feels great but, ya know.. you feel you need some more πŸ™‚

Once the business is done, cleaning: this wasn’t difficult to me, it’s stretchy enough to flush deep inside, and also I was able to turn it inside-out without problem (I wouldn’t recommend though, since it’s dual layer and may damage it).

Two more things about the material: at the begin the smell is kinda strong, but it fades away pretty well….  and I… wonder if it’s mold or not…  it didn’t spread further in more than a week, but…


Only at that spot. Hydrogen peroxyde left it unaltered.  Weird.

And that’s about it already, for a decent onahole that maybe won’t make it in my “active duty” collection ^^

Pero x 2 Onaho 3rd
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 8.5/10
    Packaging and addons - 8.5/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


Quite good onahole tight/intense balance, with nice packaging and a good amount of lube ! The material is a downside, it seems really durable but.. is it a mold stain or not ? I still can’t tell. Really could be the dyeing of the towel it was lying on during the hot days..

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2 Replies to “Pero x 2 Onaho 3rd”

  1. Can I make a suggestion? I think the reviews are great as they stand, but after getting a lot of onaholes based on these reviews, I can say with certainty that they are almost too subjective when it comes to the rating system you have (not saying the ratings are bad or anything).

    So what I’d like to suggest is an addition system, so nothing is taking away from what you’ve built. here are the categories we could use:

    Tightness: 0 to 10 (0 is way too loose, 10 is way too tight)
    Firmness: 0 to 10 (0 is way too soft like mashmellows, 10 is is a car tire)

    So as you can see, these are really grades or rating per se, but rather just additional objective info for people to decide what they want. Some people like firmer onaholes that the reviewer might find terrible. Or a hole might be very very soft and the review gives the feeling rating a 9/10, but some readers might hate onaholes that are soft. There’s also situations where you just want an onahole a certain way to cover all your bases (one day you want to simulate anal, another day you want to simulate vaginal etc.)

    I think these two additions would make the reviews at least 30% more handy. Maybe 37%.

    1. First of all, I don’t want to push anything. Its your site after all, if you don’t like the idea you don’t have to implement it. so just think of my input as an addition to the previous comment.

      But wouldn’t a system with a 0 as “way to lose” and a 10 as “way to hard” still be very subjective? Because what the revieuwer might think is worth a 3 “a bit to lose side”, might be experienced by someone else as a 5 “just perfect”. Don’t get me wrong i realy love the idea of a scaling system but it would have to be presented in a very objective way with a 0 being like and a 10 being . Though that could also be flawed, say a company makes an onahole that is so tight that it doesn’t compare to the current number 10 and would have to be given a score of 15 (would the scale have to be changed to account for such a hole in the future? Defining it as the new number 10?). Or readers have never used an onahole before and wouldnt know what score would be the best for them (though this is a problem that would also still exist if there isn’t a rating system of this kind in place).

      Anyway i hope my feedback proves usefull, I’m sure you guys can make it work.

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