Panzer Girls – Yukari Onahole

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole review, Panzer Girls – Yukari Onahole! Made by XTC JAPAN!


Motsutoys recently released the Panzer Girls Onaholes, which are based from the popular anime Girls und Panzer. I haven’t watched the anime myself, but I do have interest in the girls’ holes 😂.

That being said, let’s check them out!


Here is the packaging featuring the character Yukari Akiyama.

Beautiful box, nicely themed and good artwork of the character.
Even a bit of artworks inside, nice!
The box has like a cardboard case around, cool packaging.


Contents are: the onahole, no bag of lube.


And here is the onahole.

So, it’s a dual-layared onahole, with decent tunnel length. I was worried at first the tunnel length won’t be enough, but actually it was pretty good, but of course, that will vary from person to person 😉
It is a small onahole, which has it’s good parts: convinience, mainly because it is the easiest type to use, and usually to clean. On the contrary, a small onahole might take you out of the realistic feeling, due to the lack of “meat” around the tunnel. Also the dual-layer design might, while adding the possibility for a more complex design and better feeling, affect durability. I will talk about these points later on.


This onahole feels… fantastic!! Like, what, it looked like an average anime-based onahole which usually lack in feeling and are pretty cheap, but this one is actually good!

I was extremely surprised by many points. First, the feeling of holding the onahole, somehow it manages to make you not notice the thin walls around the tunnel, giving you immersion. The other, is the inner tunnel, made out of strong material but at the same time soft and really nice to the touch (of your dick).
The beginning of the tunnel is really great, it has these small ribs which at first might be a liiiittle rough, but as you go on you get used to them very quickly. Then all the way to the end is just a perfect balance of tightness, stimulation, gliding (make sure you get your lube!)… it feels just very good from the beginning to end, where in some onaholes the first 1 minute is great but later on the feeling starts to diminish.

The onahole mouth is also easy to get inside, something I really value since I hate getting my hands messy with lube trying to stick my dick inside, and I also like fapping under the blanket, so I prefer the lube not spilling anywhere around the entrance.


Cleaning it is very easy. Pour water inside, remove the fluids helping with your fingers, then pour soap, clean with your fingers and flush. Then dry with a small microfiber towel the insides, and a regular towel to clean the outside.


This is a fantastic onahole that I would recommend to anyone, especially beginners. It is slightly more expensive than your average onahole of this size, but for me it’s worth it. I’d give this onahole a 9/10, if it weren’t for… the past few days.

I had very little free time the past weeks, but I used most of it to fap with the panzer girl onaholes, and usually I try to use a different onahole everyday, so that tells you how much I liked them.

But this incident was a huge let down. Sometimes this can happen with dual-layer onaholes. I would estimate using this onahole around… ~15 times or so, and after that, which isn’t much, the inner layer detached from the outside layer. I could still use the onahole fine but since the detachment grew bigger and bigger it was more of a pain getting my dick inside and sometimes even slipped outside the inner tunnel, going in between the 2 materials, and it also became more and more of a pain to clean each time.

So, do I recommend this onahole? Well, I think I would still say yes, just because of the great feeling and overall design.
I have/had hundreds of onaholes, and usually I don’t bother with them once they break, I like giving them one final creampie and throwing them into the bin with my seed inside, but for this one, I will make the exception and I will try to repair it like in the good ‘ol days using a soldering iron.

A soldering iron like this one was sold long ago on a onahole website, so I’d say it’s safe to use, but be careful. The idea is to melt the inner tunnel around the entrance to glue it back to the outside layer. I do not have time now to do that (also my soldering iron broke and need to buy a new one), but I will update with the result once I try. Follow me on Twitter if you wanna see! 😉

Well, that’s about it for the review. Keep in mind, what happened to me might not necessarily happen to you, factory errors can happen just to a few samples, it might not be necessarily bad design. As I mentioned before, I would have given this onahole a 9/10 if it weren’t for this, so that would be the “real” score.
I hope to see you back soon for Kay’s onahole review!

Panzer Girls - Yukari Onahole
  • 9/10
    Appearance - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Sensations - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ fantastic feeling
+ great box design
+ good onahole design overall
– a bit pricey
– inner tunnel detached after a few uses
User Review
7.38/10 (4 votes)

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  1. While I agree that the feel is good (as a first), the durability of it leaves a lot to be desired, especially with how loosely connected the layers are to eachother. The inner layer popped out upon 2nd use, and eventually tore in the middle. Shipping with was pretty fast tho, so giving props to that.

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