Nekomata Musume

Nya nyaa~ 😸

You like catgirls? Look no further, Toysheart got you covered! Back alley catgirl, shapeshifting at night and using her yokai powers. Get hissed at and scratched if you touch her belly at a wrong moment, don’t even try to pat her head.

Let’s take a look!


So, Nekomata (猫又) are a kind of cat yokai, mythology wants that domestic cats, especially if unhappy, flee away to the mountains and then become nekomata to take revenge. To quote Wikipedia:

In Japan cats are often associated with death, and this particular spirit is often blamed. Far darker and more malevolent than most bakeneko, the nekomata is said to have powers of necromancy, and upon raising the dead, will control them with ritualistic dances, gesturing with paw and tail. These yōkai are associated with strange fires and other inexplicable occurrences. The older and more abused a cat is prior to its transformation, the more power the nekomata is said to have. To gain revenge against those who wronged it, the spirit may haunt humans with visitations from their deceased relatives. Some tales state that these demons, like bakeneko, assume human appearances, usually appearing as older women, behaving badly in public, and bringing gloom and malevolence wherever they travel. Due to these beliefs, sometimes kittens’ tails were cut off based on the assumption that if the tails could not fork, the cats could not become nekomata.

… fuck, no wonder cats come back taking revenge and curse you for 7 generations..

Somehow Toysheart came to the logical conclusion one would wanna have sexual fun with such a fierce demon.. Nekomata Musume can be literally translated as “Nekomata daughter”, I mean if you were her previous owner, she’d indeed be your daughter. But don’t expect her to go easy on you, on the contrary!


For this toy, Toysheart selected for us a drawing of a not-so-happy catgirl in traditional outfit, with the two tails like the mythology, and she’s on the prowl ready to slash your neck. Fierce kitty!

The box presents all the relevant details, complete with usage manual and toy characteristics. Let’s open up!


Inside the box, we find the toy wrapped in a plastic bag, and a 12mL sample of Onatsuyu lubricant, enough for once use I’d say. So far, so good!


Nekomata Musume is a closed-ended onahole, in a rather narrow form factor, and in the “Virgin Skin” material. Good news: right out of the box, the toy has barely any smell!

The opening is shaped a bit like a Chrysanthemum, you may wonder why they did that: it allows for easier lubrication and penetration. Subtle yet necessary there, the toy being quite uh.. “floppy”.

The toy measures 165mm in length (150mm hole depth), 50mm width, and weights 247g.


Looking at NLS’ cross section pictures, one gets a better idea of what the catgirl could feel like 🤔

The internal tunnel consists of a little entry hole, followed by an almost smooth chamber, two bumps pressing the cock from either side, then a small spiral conduit, another pair of bumps, a “cervix”-like part, and a small vacuum chamber.

I was kinda concerned about the lack of texture of the walls in most parts of the toy except that spiral ring, and indeed I wasn’t mistaken: it lacks some serious punch. Not very fierce-cat like. No “scratch” part. Barely any suction. I mean, what’s cat-themed here? Toysheart could have used the same design for a Kappa, it would have actually better matched…

So yes it didn’t work out for me, the sensations are somewhat similar to Tenga cups except even less intense. After use, you kinda really thirst for something better. Too bad the design was so botched, there was definitively something to do with the Nekomata theme, maybe inspiring from the Boku Ona Zero design!


Since it’s a single-layer and flexible onahole, it can be easily turned inside-out for cleaning. I guess one advantage of such smooth internal walls is that barely anything sticks to the walls, the water flushes everything away with barely any rubbing.

Simply wash it with soap, rinse, pat try and store for drying. No trouble at all 😎


Onaholes are sometimes a fun way to learn about Japanese folklore and mythology, and it’s true cats have a rather polarized reputation, after all it’s a not fully domesticated animal, cats do well by themselves alone in nature, and yes cats can hold a grudge against abusive caretakers. Roots of the nekomata myth.

The nekomata theme was calling for fierceness, a sense of danger, an experience blending various ingredients in what could be fantasized as “the last fuck you’ll get before being sliced into pieces by your vengeful ex-housecat”.

Now, while Toysheart’s material quality is unsurprisingly excellent, durable and odourless, the internal design really misses the theme and brings very few sensations except for a small spiral part and a few bumps oh so subtly pressing your cock. Underwhelming even for that price, to say the least…

I demand a remake! Gimme a nekomata that will really make me feel like a prey item!

Nekomata Musume
  • 8.7/10
    Appearance - 8.7/10
  • 0.9/10
    Sensations - 0.9/10
  • 3.5/10
    Price - 3.5/10


+ illustration
+ inspiration material
+ price
+ material quality
– misses the theme
– very low sensations
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2 Replies to “Nekomata Musume”

  1. domestic cats don’t actually do well in nature, that is a myth. even pet cats that are let outside have exponentially shorter lifespans than indoor cats, and are not healthy. they are very much domesticated, there’s just a lot of misinformation about them. they’re also an extremely harmful invasive species that has driven native birds in many places into extinction, and is still doing so today. it’s interesting that the nekomata “runs away”, because that’s what many people claim happened to their neglected outdoor cats when they inevitably stop coming back.

  2. “Musume” means “Daughter”, but in this and many other contexts it means “Young Woman/Girl” as in “Someone’s Daughter”, not necessarily “Your Daughter”.

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