Seventeen Bordeaux Soft

Everyone, brace yourself: she’s back, softer than ever ! Seventeen Bordeaux Soft, a renewed success product made by ToysHeart !


Seventeen Bordeaux was one of ToysHeart’s most successful onaholes since 4 years ago, and according to Amazon Japan it has still a very good ranking as of today. Little to no onaholes achieve such durable high sales, except TENGA products.

I can say with confidence Seventeen Bordeaux was the turning point, the last pit stop before taking the endless slippy slope down into the onahole paradise I’m still in. Until I tried Seventeen Bordeaux, the onahole I had were “meh” at best. So it was very very interesting to me when ToysHeart released a soft version of the Seventeen Bordeaux, accurately named… Seventeen Bordeaux Soft !


At first look you think it’s the exact same girl than the normal version, yet when getting down in the details, you notice she has blue/violet eyes. ToysHeart wanted to get closer to European characteristics, ain’t bad 🙂 Sadly young women in France don’t have school uniforms (except rare cases of private schools), and also no shimapan. Unless she’s an otaku: that explains it all !

Why even “Bordeaux” ? I guess most Japanese know Bordeaux as the place making the best red wine in France, and maybe it sounds better than “Seventeen Champagne”. Or is it really about the town ? Then why not “Seventeen Hamburg” or “Seventeen Salt Lake City” next time ? 😉  “Seventeen Sydney” sounds kinda nice actually !


Inside the box you find a plastic tray, safely holding the wrapped onahole and also a little bottle of Moisty lube, pretty usual for ToysHeart products, everything is safe and nice. Quickly about the lube, it’s medium/good performance and enough for 2-3 times use.


From the outer shape, it’s very very similar to Seventeen Bordeaux. Actually the color is slightly different (more pink-ish, less tanned), that’s how you can easily tell each other apart.

As with almost all ToysHeart onaholes, Seventeen Bordeaux Soft has a very nice material that feels smooth and skin-like to the touch, and most importantly it has as good as no smell and doesn’t get oily. ToysHeart products are a tad more expensive than similar toys from other companies, but the extra money is really worth it !

It’s shape makes wonders whatever your size: it’s stretchy, and the hole’s default size is about the girth of a middle finger. Suitable for wide range of penises !


The inner layer is of a wonderful red color, and it’s structures are exactly the same as it’s big bro Seventeen Bordeaux normal version: wavy walls with lots of little bumps, a few bigger spots, and a cervix leading to a vacuum chamber. Soft version’s inner layer is a little bit thicker.

So, how does it feel ? When using Seventeen Bordeaux Soft, I’m welcomed with the same sensations as normal version, although milder, but still making up for intense sensations especially if you have a sensitive glans (which I do). It keeps attacking your penis as you slide in and out, bullying your glans’ ring, and the suction effect is noticeable ! In fact, the vacuum is so strong I mistake it for lube being dry ! Just pull out slowly, “pop” it makes when the air rushes back in, and now you can resume safely. Also don’t be too rough when taking deep strokes, I noticed I sometimes bump against the (harder) cervix. I know some of you are into that, but it wasn’t always very pleasant hitting my tip on it ^^

Cleaning is not really difficult, since there aren’t big ribs and such you can make sure everything is cleaned off the walls and from the vacuum chamber. But since it’s a dual-layer onahole, I advise against turning it inside-out: at some point the inner layer will separate. Instead, rub it inside with your fingers or a suitable tool (glass brush). Reaching the deepest spots with a microfiber towel isn’t easy, so it’s really useful to let it rest “hole downside” and use a ventilator to push air inside.

Finally, about the price: it’s the same price as the normal version, a really good price for such performance and material quality ! Nice job, ToysHeart !

  • 9.5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Packaging and addons - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


4 years later, and it brings back those awesome memories of Seventeen Bordeaux. Don’t get fooled by the “soft” edition: it’s still intense and will make you cum like a geyser, sucking hard at your dick thanks to the powerful vacuum chamber !

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3.11 (37 votes)

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14 Replies to “Seventeen Bordeaux Soft”

  1. This is easily one of my fave toys and I have quite a few. Don’t let the “soft” fool ya, before you know it you’ll be shooting all kinds of fireworks. The cervix creates suction directly at the tip of your penis i.e. the most sensitive part… enough said.

    Also I want to share my horrible experience ordering from CoolMST if it’s allowed. I will never ever shop at CoolMST ever again. Just awful customer service.

  2. I have been thinking of getting my first onahole, but i am stuck with the choice between the seventeen bordeaux soft and the sexy elder sister… from the looks I’d say they both offer very different stimulation, one being quite laid back and the other being more extreme. Or should i just get them both and only pay the shipping fee once?

    1. Hey, I’m torn between the bordeaux soft and elder sister too! Did you get one of them yet? I’m new to this, and was wondering which one was the laid back and which was the more extreme?

          1. I really dislike having to recommend item A over item B when they aren’t easy to compare ^^ Between the two, I’d go for Sev. Bor. Soft.

  3. I am a MASSIVE fan of Seventeen Evo Soft! After using that extensively, it was hard (hehe) to go back to Bordeaux. I want the soft version of it.

  4. Hey, I was wondering if you guys would ever do a review on the Cute Hips DX Dual-Type Onahole. I’ve been really thinking about getting it, but don’t want to waste my money if it isn’t as a great as I think it is. It would be much appreciated.

  5. Is there any onahole that simulates the sensation of penetrating a womb? (not joking)

    1. From those that I know… I would say Daisuki Hold or R20 puni maybe ? … but I don’t really feel anything special…

  6. Something must be wrong with me. I thought this one was subpar at best. Sort of a generic feeling. I wasnt expecting a 9.5, lol. I guess it’s because I don’t really like the soft ones and prefer some kind of resistance.

  7. Hi, i don’t know what ona-hole to get!

    I’ve been looking around and this is my second ona-hole ever.

    but the list has been narrowed down to these products. which on would you prefer? i *Cough* you know is 19 cm and the girth is what i would say rather big. so idk which to choose. and money aint an issue here.

    Seventeen Bordeaux Soft

    A Witch’s Temptation (Seducing Witch)

    Daisuki Hold

    Ubu Virgin

    Virgin Age Admission

    Tight Virgin

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