KYO Skirt Girl

The sunny days are upon us in the northern hemisphere, and with the summer heat also come shorter, lighter clothing styles. One piece of clothing that’s particularly convenient are skirts, allowing the legs to refresh in the breeze while also looking pretty.

Dutch toy maker KYO brings us Skirt Girl, an “onahip” with -you guessed it- a skirt-like external structure. Let’s check that out!



Pretty rare occurrence: me reviewing a toy that isn’t illustrated by an anime character 😁

Skirt Girl’s illustration features a picture of a brown-haired lady wearing a short plaid skirt and black undergarments, on the sides of the box some measurements of the toy (2.4 kg, 22cm length, 17cm width, 14cm height), and on the backside a picture of the toy itself.

One may wonder if the toy is molded after the lady, or if the lady was selected for the photo shooting because her buttocks resembled the toy’s. Nevertheless, the appearance is accurate and the picture can fuel fantasies.


Inside the box, you’ll find the wrapped toy safely stored in a plastic tray. Unlike most Japanese toys, KYO does not include a lube sample with the product.

Upon opening, the toy has some smell, which fades away after some time and some washes.


2.4kg, my oh my. Heavier than Puni Ana DX hard or Kaitai Shinshō.

As said, Skirt Girl is a hip-style toy, from waist to thighs, skirt slightly sliding up with a “bent over” posture revealing the pussy and butthole.

On the underside I found a hole which purpose I didn’t immediately figure out, I initially thought it could be a flush hole but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Most probably a necessity for the making process, or an air hole for a vacuum cavity (see video below).

Skirt Girl is made in TPE material, feels soft to the touch and is flexible, yet carefully fine-tuned to provide sufficient stimulation (being single-layered for it’s tunnels). And what a great mold work from KYO! The details are amazing.


Will you look at this beautifully molded vulva.

Skirt Girl features two tunnels providing a variety of structures:

  • the anal tunnel features a wavy structure, covered in ridges
  • the vaginal tunnel features a rugged narrow passage “G-spot”, leading to a straight cavity covered in bumps

While the pussy hole provides a panel of sensations, the anal hole feels tighter and more intense.

Now, you can rock Skirt Girl up and down yourself like an onahole but after a while it feels more like weightlifting than masturbation. Up to you if you prefer “from behind” or “from the front”. If however you use like it’s intended (sitting on a desk, for example), from behind is the easiest option. As you frantically shake your hips back and forth, pounding Skirt Girl like there’s no tomorrow, the toy quickly pushes you off the edge (and even faster so if you press on top of it with your hands to increase the tightness).

While the pussy hole provides pretty good fun (and may be a bit easier to penetrate depending on the desk height), my favorite is the anal hole.

One more fun option is to lick the toy, running your tongue along it’s surface and tongue-fucking it’s holes, but beware: it tastes somewhat gross and ingesting TPE components is not exactly recommended by the industry. So use a dental dam.

Let’s check inside 😋

interior of vagina hole
interior of anal hole
interior of the hole at the bottom


Large toys are typically more difficult to clean, and Skirt Girl has two (usable) holes and no flush hole. So if you use both, well, double the cleaning time.

Put the toy under the tap, and with three fingers spread open the hole so the water can flush out the leftover lubricant, semen, saliva, whatever. Then, use generic handsoap to clean inside, don’t be afraid to stick four fingers inside as both holes can manage just fine. Provide the toy an energetic fingering so the soap cleans all the way to the bottom. Finally, rinse with water.

Once the toy is sparkling clean, simply let it dry “holes down” in a well ventilated place.

Additionally you can pat baby powder on it’s exterior surface for added smoothness, and use antibacterial spray from time to time. Just make sure the toy can dry well, so no mold grows inside. Extend the drying time if you share the toy without prior STD check with your partners, or.. enjoy double penetration, each only one hole for you and your playmate 😉


With Skirt Girl, KYO showcases it’s mastery of the molding process, giving the toy a great finish and very good material quality. The lady photo as product illustration may or may not be to everyone’s liking especially among the otaku community, but KYO is a western company targeting western market so that’s pretty understandable. Also, I love plaid skirts.

Skirt Girl provides plenty of fun with a sensation-rich pussy hole and a more intense tighter anal hole, humping it on the desk while juicy porn playing on the screen is wonderful.

And the price, damn. Within Europe Skirt Girl is a very relevant buy, compared to getting a large onahole shipped from Japan. And still: for the weight of it and the product quality, Skirt Girl is very affordable!

KYO Skirt Girl
  • 9.6/10
    Appearance - 9.6/10
  • 8.8/10
    Sensations - 8.8/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ very detailed molding
+ very affordable
+ pretty good and various sensations
– no flush hole/difficult cleaning
– limited seller availability worldwide
User Review
7.38/10 (4 votes)

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  1. Pretty sure the third one is a random hole drilled to be close to the other two tunnels so you can stick a vibrator bean in.

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