After Tenga's eggsToysheart's Onapits, and plenty of other stuff, G-Project just had to do their own little “penis hats”.


Version 1 and 2 are a bit older, not really special. I got version 3 and 4.

So… version 3 is “vacuum suction” ? Didn’t feel much but.. well. Version 4 feels kinda better.

G-Project does the best “penis hats” I say, the material feels good, is more firm than Tenga’s and doesn’t look “cheap” like Toysheart’s. There is a little.. suction chamber. Press the air out and it gives… suction yeah exactly πŸ˜€

What else can I say, pretty everything has already been said about this kind of onaholes…  Easy to carry, easy to use, easy to wash, doesn’t cost much. A convenient masturbation tool who feels better than the raw hand and prevents spilling the semen all over the place. Easy to store and doesn’t obviously look like what it actually is, therefor a good idea for who lives with his family.

  • Feeling and pleasure - 7.5/10
  • Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • Price - 9/10
User Review
5 (1 vote)


Discreet, cheap and efficient: no raw hand-fap anymore !


Author: Akai

European otaku exploring Japan's cutest clothing and most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011.

4 Replies to “Chu!

  1. Are these meant to be disposable? If not, how many uses would you think a Chu! could take before ripping? I’ve bought other G-Project items and they’ve worked fine and as far as materials go, I think they’re quite nice. The Chu! seems to be made from the same material, yet it seems rather thin, so I’m not sure if this would be worth a buy, because I want something that can last longer than 10 uses.

  2. Nice product and hole isn’t ridiculously small like other projects.

    Nice that it has a nice little carrier case. I chose 1 which is vanilla I guess?

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