Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro, an onahole made by Out Vision. NLS sent it to me for a review, so let’s begin!


I’m really starting to like Out Vision! They make some really good onaholes like Smooth and Flat Idol Cadet, Smooth and Flat Girls Laboratory, and My Big Brother is a Pervert.

Here we have, of course, another loli! What less can you expect from AnonymousD ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°).

Let’s take a look at the box:


This is what you see when you open it:


The contents are: the onahole, 2 sample lubes, and a very handy clean-stick-thing.

The lube art is kawaii as fuck >w<.


And here is the girl on the box art.


Isn’t that cute, lifting her skirt to bless us with that wonderful view. With that suggestive position, she can’t wait for it, neither can I, so I’m gonna!- but before that, let’s talk a bit about the onahole. This looks like a softer version of PUNI VIRGIN 1000, altough it’s different tan the regular “soft to hard” upgrade/transformation. It’s not only inside, but on the outside as well.

It’s very big. Also, the insides are very beautiful.

Look at this.

The onahole feels like jelly in your hands, it’s not very firm, and you might think that would be an issue while masturbating, and you’re right… but not quite. The fact that the onahole it’s all so soft and springy, plus the added nice weight of 1kg, gives you a totally new fap experience. I’ve never tried something like this before, this combination of heavy onahole with soft and springy material is a new gimmick I loved. The way you fap, is like this:

You grab the onahole with both (or just one) hands from the top, and make it bounce on your penis. The inside structures, although watered down because of the extreme softness, still feel pretty good, but the strong point about this onahole is the suction. This onahole sucks so hard it melts your dick from pleasure! Also, it’s very fun to make it bounce on your lap.

A few things to add, is that I like it when an onahole has a chamber or uterus, to let all your cum inside without having to go back with your penis too much to not touch the bottom.


Also washing the onahole it’s easy, it’s a big one but the insides are so soft and stretchable it’s very fast and simple to clean it.

In conclusion, this onahole brings a new gimmick I haven’t tried before and surely makes a difference from all of my previous onaholes. This toy is perfect for sensitive penises too, and probably a good start for newbies! Even though the rubbing it’s not very hard, I totally recommend this onahole, because of the great sucking and the interesting gimmick.

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


The suction is crazy!

User Review
3.49 (43 votes)

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20 Replies to “Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro”

    1. Probably, but I can’t really tell, I guess as long it stimulates your glans the rest is fine. The entrance is loose, so you should not have problem with the onahole being too tight.

  1. Is there a way to contact G Project? Because I believe this toy deserves a tight anal hole. The toy is certainly big enough. Would be awesome if they make another version with two holes. What do you guys think?

    1. I don’t have plans for it for now, but that onahole looks good, might in the future. For now there is a video review on youtube, maybe that could help you 🙂

  2. which do you recommend more?
    the Virgin Puni 1000 ?
    puni ana dx hard?
    Kaitai Shinsho?
    puni fuwa mocchi 2000?
    which gives more pleasure?
    Which do you think is better??

    Thank you.

    1. when your onahole starts coming a part. Some onaholes can last for years. I have the R-20 and and Virgin Age Admission Hard Edition. Both of these are as good as they were when I got them like 4 or 5 months ago. I use them maybe 1 or 2 times a week though, mostly using the Admission.

      Others like the Mouth of Truth has dipped in quality, however, using cornstarch can help with that, but I’ll most definitely be buying a new one later this year or some time next year. Hell. I might buy two or three or four just to keep a supply just in case they ever get sold out. I might get just get two though just in case they make a new edition.

    2. Well.. whenever you feel like. When you get the feel that you wanna try a new hole, buy some. But if you’re asking when it’s the optimum time, that would be when you’re about 2 weeks to run out of lube. There is nothing more scary than having your onahole but sudenly realising you can’t use them cause you got no more lube and need to get new, and you gotta wait ~ 2 weeks. So I say then, even 2-3 months maybe? If you ask me, I would buy new toys every 2 weeks if it wasn’t for the money, lol. But I think every 3 months is ok, but yeah, mostly when you gotta buy new lube, I always order 1 bottle of lube and 1-2 toys.

        1. Yes I have when I ran out of lube and I had no money to make a new order… spit actually lubes quite well, but it makes a horrible mess, it’s not dense enough, it falls of the onahole everywhere around your penis… it’s horrible for me.

      1. Do you know if a lube has any kind of expiration date? I imagine it should long for years when needed.

        I’m not sure if it’s only me, but with one bottle of Onatsuyu I tried heating it up by exposing to sun, and subjectively it lost some of its properties (tenacity) after just a few times. Nothing too awful – it’s still a lube, just kinda not looks the same when getting extruded. If this was indeed only due to sun exposure, I imagine any lube should eventually “expire” even without it. Question is, how long it would take.

        1. Lube can last quite long, and it has some compounds that prevent grow of algae etc. But since the main ingredient is water and it evaporates over time, at some point it becomes thicker and you may need to pour a few drops of pure water into the bottle to “restore” it.
          And yes, additives in the lube may react to sunlight (UV rays and such). That’s unknown territory to me ^^

          If I recall correctly, my bottle of Onatsuyu made it almost 1 year ? I didn’t notice any significant change in the lube by the time the bottle was empty.

  3. Hmm that sounds like a good onahole though i have to ask where do you put it? it seems kinda big to fit in even the biggest bag that you can find on nls.

    Anyway i think i’ll put it in my wishlist to buy when i get some money ^^

    1. http://imgur.com/0dZIjzv,g0PoRGR

      I put all my onaholes inside the drawer at my bedsite table, they all fit there easily. Some I put them inside a tupper, others on top of the cover of a tupper. I also leave the used onaholes inside a tupper in the drawer under the one I showed in the photo, for cleaning later. It depends if your parents search your room, I told my parents to not touch those bedside tables and that’ it, altough I think they did saw them but I don’t care lol.
      Good luck with the money saving! ^^

      1. I use large Zip lock freezer bags to store mine in. I reapply corn starch to them while they’re in the bag. Easier to coat them that way and keeps them from sticking to the bag.

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